Geordie Shore jets off to Ayia Napa

In today’s piece, I am going to be talking about the previous episode of Geordie Shore, which aired last Tuesday.

The cast ended up jetting off to Ayia Napa in this episode for their next set of ‘worl'. That is, in fact, where I am heading next summer to work and I am BUZZING! Here below is some of my highlighted key points of Tuesday night’s episode:

Chloe and Marty bucking, well, Chloe has grafted, and grafted, and grafted hasn’t she? Finally, she has made love to Marty! Without a doubt though that’ll end soon, and oh wait, the very next night out Chloe swilled Marty for pulling. It’s a difficult one, because Chloe likes Marty, whereas Marty likes to be liked by Chloe and doesn’t actually want her in the same way. I do feel sorry for Chloe because she is always going to fail with Marty in my opinion, he does not want her so the sooner she gets her head around that, the better.

How about Aaron and Marnie? That must be so weird for Lewis Bloor, Marnie’s current lover to watch… Marnie and Aaron have been probably my favourite couple on the show, and I do wish something worked out but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. It is weird knowing what is going on in their current lives but then people get so angry over what happened months ago whilst filming even though it was exactly that - months ago. Like I said though, it has to be pretty awkward for Lewis to watch. Like imagine being sat on the sofa with Marnie watching her bang her ex-boyfriend on TV. I wouldn’t be surprised if she left the show soon because I can’t imagine he is too happy with that.

With it being the episode after Chantelle leaving, I was expecting to maybe see a bit of remorse for her departure, joking – of course I wasn’t. I don’t think the girl fitted in for whatever reasons, and to be honest, I don’t think she will be missed by her house mates at all. She was just too different from the rest of them, had an annoying voice, got involved in other people business, and was just generally a nuisance. That was summed up with Sophie saying that she was pleased to take her bed, that’s how they feel about her departure!

Finally, Sophie is staying for a little bit longer, to be honest, I didn’t realise it was only temporarily anyway. But, she is obviously back in the next series because she’s been filming for Series 14 which has just finished airing. In two episodes time I think it is, Kyle will be returning to our screens and I’ve heard he certainly spices things up…

See ya later X