Tulisa Admits ‘Regret’ Over Sex Tape

Tulisa has said that she ‘regrets’ agreeing to make a sex tape saying that she wasn’t famous at the time and ‘trusted’ the boyfriend who leaked it to the press.

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Speaking on Good Morning Britain about her pop comeback, the Sweet Like Chocolate singer answered honestly about her past.

Asked by Susanna Reid about the tape she made with an ex-boyfriend Tulisa admitted: “That’s something I regret. I mean of course I regret it, wouldn’t you? But when I made it, I wasn’t that famous at the time. I was in a relationship with the person for two years and I trusted him.”

She added: “Everything I’ve been through has taught me how to become a more understanding person. I care more about other people’s emotions now. I can relate when people are going through a tough time. I am la less judgemental person because of what I’ve been through.”

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With regards to her drink driving conviction, she admitted “I made a mistake”.

“I call that time in my life the black out period,“ she said. "But look, it was part of my life and it’s made me who I am today. It’s hard because it’s difficult to forget so when people think of Tulisa, all of those things come to mind.”

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Speaking out about her famous drugs trial, Tulisa said:“I didn’t beat myself up over that because i knew I was innocent all along - and that was proved. So I didn’t feel any remorse.”

"But I can’t go into too much detail for legal reasons.”