Tulisa And Rebecca Ferguson Working On New Music Together

Tulisa and Rebecca Ferguson have hit the studio to work on new music together.

Ooo, something tells us this is going to be good.

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According to The Mirror, Tulisa, 27, was introduced to 29-year-old Rebecca by management, and is part of a team working with her to make her music a success.

They’re joined by Grammy Award-winning songwriter Brian Rawling, whose worked with One Direction, Cher, Tina Turner and more, and the SOS music team, who have worked with the likes of Tinie Tempah and Ariana Grande.

Both Tulisa and Rebecca have posted about their studio sessions on Instagram, with the 2010 X Factor runner-up posting the photo below.

An insider told them: “Tulisa’s been beavering away in the studio. She had some decent writing sessions with Rebecca and it sounded really good. They’re just settling on the right tracks.

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“It’s all feel-good, happy and vibrant. They’ve found a niche sound for2016 which is moving away from the dance vibe.

“She’s bringing the fun back into her sound and going back to commercial urban pop like she had when she was number one with Young.”