Tunisian Authorities Use Unmanned Vehicle to Enforce Lockdown

Tunisian authorities have ramped up their coronavirus measures by deploying “robot cars” in the streets to enforce the country’s lockdown orders.

In video released by the interior ministry a remote-controlled vehicle is seen on the streets of Tunis asking people for IDs and proofs of where they’re going.

“Where are you going?”, “Where are you coming from?”, “Are you aware of the lockdown rules or not?” are some of the questions the car asks citizens.

An announcement then follows saying: “Everyone is required to apply public quarantine procedures and not to leave their homes to limit the spread of the contagion in order to preserve the safety of human lives.”

During the lockdown, people are only allowed out to buy food or medicine, or to work in some key sectors.

As of March 25, Tunisia had 173 confirmed cases. Credit: Ministry of the Interior via Storyful