'Turkeys Can Be Kind of Gnarly': Police Capture Bird That Broke Into Apartment

Police captured a wild turkey that broke into an apartment in Wausau, Wisconsin, as seen in bodycam footage from August 5.

Wausau Police Department released footage showing officers responding to an animal control call after a turkey broke a window and got itself trapped inside an apartment. Officers joked that it shouldn’t be too challenging, saying “it’s a turkey, not a tiger.”

Police successfully caught the turkey with a net and released it unharmed back into the wild. Credit: Wausau Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript


- I want the gloves and the net though, is what I'm saying. Because when I go in there I want to be able to like, get it.

- It's a turkey, not a tiger.


- Yeah, it's going to scratch you. Have you seen-- have you hunted turkey before? Guys, I don't really know what to do afterwards though. No, I'm just saying like, once we catch it, I'm saying like, do we just release it?

- Guess we'll figure it out.

- It came through a window, broke the window completely out. That's why I was [? called. ?]

- I don't know, dude. Turkeys can be kind of gnarly sometimes.

- Birds are scary.

- See what we got here. I see it.

- How big is it?

- It's-- I think it's doable.

- Oh yeah. It's walking around.

- Not a tom so that's good.

- Oh gosh.

- All right. Should we just go in at it?

- You're the one--

- What are you hiding over there for?

- You got the gloves and the net. Come on, let's go.

- All right. Yeah. Told you it's getting-- Yeah, we needed two of these, [? Brady. ?]


- Did you get it or not?

- Got him in one room here. Just give me a second.

- OK, keep it in that room. We need another net. Because I'm useless.

- Oh my god. Got him.

- Yay! Well done.

- Now I just don't know what to do.

- How-- how far down is it?

- I mean, we're on the second floor. It's probably-- it's probably not mega-suitable to just-- I got him, hold on.


Brady, hold on to this.


- All right. Let's go outside.

- Here. Look out, look out, look out.

- We got her.

- All right.

- That's what you get for asking for the net.

- Let her out.

- Well, I think it has to untangle it a little bit, yeah.

- That's OK. It'll burst free. It'll figure it out.

- It's all right, buddy.

- There you go. Well done.

- Whoo!