Turkish authorities battle wildfire near resort town of Marmaris

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Turkish authorities battle wildfire near resort town of Marmaris

Firefighters have largely contained a wildfire that broke out in southwestern Turkey, officials have said.

The blaze broke out on Tuesday evening in the Bordubet region and spread rapidly due to strong winds near the holiday resort of Marmaris on Turkey’s Aegean coast.

Authorities in the Mugla region say they have evacuated close to 275 people from the area as a precaution.

The cause of the blaze was under investigation.

More than 2,500 firefighters were involved in efforts to bring the fire under control, including teams brought in from neighbouring provinces.

A total of 20 helicopters and 14 planes were deployed, the agency added.

Mehmet Oktay, the mayor of Marmaris had stated on Tuesday that the situation "does not look good" due to the winds, but officials now say weather conditions have improved.

"We can cautiously say that the fire has largely been brought under control," said Turkish Forestry Minister Vahit Kirisci, adding that around 3,000 hectares of forest were affected.

Wildfires tore through forests in Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean regions last summer, killing at least eight people and countless animals.

The blazes were described as the worst in Turkey’s history and generated criticism toward the country's government.

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