Turns Out One Of Survivor Cagayan's Most Famous Moments Was Reshot Because Of A Mic Problem

 Tony Vlachos on Survivor.
Tony Vlachos on Survivor.

Survivor is considered one of the best reality shows of all time, and inspired countless series that followed. While fans are currently figuring out how to watch Survivor 46, there's new information coming out from past seasons. And it turns out one of Survivor Cagayan's most famous moments was reshot because of a mic problem.

Cagayan aired back in 2013, and is one of the best Survivor seasons in my opinion. This is largely thanks to its wild group of characters, many of whom returned for another go at the game. The Final Tribal Council was a wild one, especially when Trish took Tony to task for his deceit. But chaos Kass herself recently tweeted and revealed that scene had to be reshot. As she shared:

Well, I'm fascinated. We don't hear a ton about the inner working of filming Survivor, including the need to reshoot scenes. Obviously it happens given all the outdoor variables at play on the island, but this comment by Kass will no doubt start circulating among the fandom.

I have to wonder if Trish (who I think should return for another season of Survivor), was as equally mad during her first time laying into Tony, or if the need for reshoots increased the tension. Either way the finale of Cagayan is worth a rewatch (and streaming with a Paramount+ subscription).

Poor jury management is a Survivor mistake that's easy to make for those luckily enough to make it to the finale. Trish's speech shows how important it is to make those who got voted out feel valued, on and off the island. As a reminder, you can re-watch her emotional plea to Tony and Woo below.

It's iconic speeches like Trish's or Corinne's back in Gabon that used to make the Final Tribal Council so thrilling. After watching silently as a jury member, it was always fun to see who was the most worked up, and therefore happy to finally be given their own moment to address the finalists.

It's for this reason that I'm still bummed at how Survivor has changed its Final Tribal format in the New Era. Instead of each jury member getting their own moment to question the finalists, instead it's an open conversation. Sparks can fly, but it hasn't been as dramatic as previous seasons.

Jeff Probst recently announced that Season 50 will feature returning players, which is the first time since the New Era began. It should be interesting to see what the cast looks like, and I think Trish would be a great choice to return. Because not only was she great TV, she made that jury speech reshoot look as fiery as the first try.

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