This tutorial shows you how to make an AMAZING cat toy with items in your home

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make this AMAZING cat toy with household items.

Zoir Azimuratov, a content creator from Dushanbe, Tajikistan, decided to make the toy for his own cat after seeing a similar toy on the internet.

The video shows Zoir using cardboard, a compass and a crafting knife, hot glue and a couple of ping pong balls to create the toy.

The end result is a circular toy that allows the cat to knock the ping pong balls around the base with.

It took Zoir almost six hours to make the toy and the video using editing software Premiere Pro to edit clips into an easy-to-follow tutorial.

Zoir posts various DIY and "how to" videos to the online platform YouTube.

He uses materials that are easily accessible, found either in the home or for very cheap, to create unique items.

He said: “The trick with my videos is that I make something from scrap materials.

“It’s a cheap project - a pair of ping pong balls only costs about 10 or 20 cents!”

This video was filmed on April 14.

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