Fox News host claims he hasn't washed his hands in a decade

Laura Hannam
Pete Hegseth has made a shock confession about his personal hygiene regiment. (PA Images)

An American news host has claimed that germs aren’t real, and that he hasn’t washed his hands in a decade.

Pete Hegseth of Fox News, made the startling confession live on air and said that ‘germs weren’t a real thing.’

The 38-year-old made the bold claims after his co-host Jedediah Bila mocked him for eating day-old pizza from Pizza Hut.

Hegseth dismissed the pizza as being ‘old’ and went on to say: “My 2019 resolution is to say things on-air that I say off-air. I don’t think I’ve washed my hands for 10 years.”

When Bila and fellow co-host Ed Henry laughed at him he reaffirmed: “I inoculate myself. Germs are not a real thing. I can’t see them; therefore, they’re not real.”

BIlah asked laughing: “So you’re becoming immune to all the bacteria?”

“Exactly! I can’t get sick,” Hegseth replied.

His unsanitary remarks went down as expected on Twitter, with many flocking to tweet about their dismay over his poor hygiene.

However, Hegseth remained adamant that he was correct in his ant-hand washing beliefs, and retweeted a tweet along with the hashtag ‘#dontwash’.

And rather predictably, hundreds of twitter users replied to his hashtag with apparent disdain.

One wrote: ‘I think I’m going to throw up. You cook food with those hands? Ugh.’

While several provided links to scholarly articles that argued the undeniable importance of hand cleanliness.

One begged the right wing host: ‘Please, please read this. It’s just one of hundreds of scholarly articles on the importance and effectiveness of proper handwashing. This is from the World Health Organization. It lists those nasty little germs that you “can’t see”.’

Plenty of teachers also mocked his claims with one joking that he’d learn about germs if he spent anytime in a children’s classroom: ‘Spend some time as a teacher in a kindergarten class, trust me, you’ll wash your hands!’

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