TV: The irrepressible Philomena Cunk returns for new BBC series

Diane Morgan returns in Cunk On Earth. Picture: BBC
Diane Morgan returns in Cunk On Earth. Picture: BBC

What’s the story?

Cunk On Earth.


The Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe spin-off – centred on the ponderings of cultural commentator Philomena Cunk – returns for a new series. Continuing in the vein of Cunk On Britain, her latest quest for truth is arguably the most ambitious yet.

Cunk On Earth will see the intrepid investigative reporter endeavour to explore “the entire story of human civilisation from prehistoric times to the present day, covering all the main bits of history, science, culture and religion.”

Will there be travel involved?

Possibly. According to the programme blurb: “Philomena asks experts hard-hitting questions about humanity’s progress and stands on or near impressive old ruins and inside museums, before the shot cuts away to some archive of the bits that don’t exist anymore or were too expensive to film at.”

That sounds utterly nonsensical.

Erm, it’s meant to be. Cunk On Earth is a mockumentary. The character is played by actor and comedian Diane Morgan, known for her roles in Motherland, Mandy and After Life.

Why didn’t you say?

I thought the part about it being a Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe spin-off covered that.

When can I watch?

Cunk On Earth begins on BBC Two, Tuesday, 10pm. The full series will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer that same evening.