TV: Peaky Blinders star Tom Hardy narrates new nature series Predators

Predators is a new five-part series on Sky Nature
Predators is a new five-part series on Sky Nature

What’s the story?


I’ll need more information.

It is a new five-part Sky Nature series – narrated by Peaky Blinders star Tom Hardy – which follows five apex predators in their fight for survival in the wild.

Tom Hardy? You have my full attention.

Sigh. Pressing on ... Each episode focuses on a different species around the world: cheetahs in Tanzania, polar bears in Canada, lions in Botswana, pumas in Chile and wild dogs in Zimbabwe.

What can we expect?

According to the series blurb: “Their rapidly changing world impacts both their own lives and that of the wild kingdoms over which they rule. Those at the top are now being challenged.”

Who are the stars?

The opening episode centres on “a notorious brotherhood of cheetahs” in the Serengeti as they strive to hold their fiercely guarded territory. When a bushfire destroys their hunting ground, a remarkable camaraderie unfolds as the big cats seek pastures new.

Next week’s instalment swaps desert climes for the frozen landscapes of Hudson Bay in Canada where a community of polar bears resides. Seals are their cuisine of choice, but hunger often drives them to scavenge landfill on the outskirts of a small town.

When can I watch?

Predators begins on Sky Nature and NOW, tomorrow, 7pm. All episodes available to watch that same day.