TV tonight: Euphoria is the house party that just won’t end

The provocative teenage show amps up the drama. Plus: Bradley Walsh and son charm in a European road trip. Here’s what to watch this evening


10.05pm, Sky Atlantic

The irresistibly edgy show that has parents raising one suspicious eyebrow at their teenage offspring continues like it’s Skins on a never-ending trip. Talking of which, the series opener saw plenty of events at a New Year’s Eve party, including Rue and Jules kissing and Nate ending up unconscious after a fight. What happens next? Episode details aren’t being shared in advance, but creator Sam Levinson has said: “If season one was a house party at 2am, season two should feel like 5am – way past the point at which everyone has gone home.” Hannah Verdier

Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad

8pm, ITV

Celebrity travelogues are always self-indulgent but it’s hard to begrudge the Walshes: father and son successfully renew their funny grump v chump dynamic as they drive 3,000 miles across Europe. A rope swing off the roof of a Croatian football stadium soon has Walsh Sr effing and jeffing. Jack Seale

Geordie Hospital

8pm, Channel 4

Here’s a big bag of Geordie charm to warm up a January night. This six-part documentary series follows staff at Newcastle’s two main hospitals, including cheery clinical nurse specialist Sean (“C’mon, I’ve got you – ignore my smelly armpit,” he tells a patient) and Poppy the staff welfare dog, who is returning to bring smiles to faces for the first time since the pandemic began. Hollie Richardson

Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure

8.30pm, BBC One

What do you do after you’ve won Strictly? Kelvin Fletcher bought a semi-derelict Peak District farm and is attempting to revive it. Jaunty rookie mishaps ensue in the company of wife Liz and neighbour Gilly, but by the end of the episode it’s clear the task, which Fletcher takes all too seriously, is more daunting than first predicted. JS

Keeping Up With the Aristocrats

9pm, ITV

Lord, give us strength – Simon Callow is taking us behind the scenes of a British aristocratic social season. In the first of three parts, we see Lord Ivar Mountbatten clean his own windows (with a copy of the Guardian) and Princess Olga Romanoff mow her own garden. A guiltily moreish watch. HR

Couples Therapy

10pm, BBC Two

“Babe, can you behave yourself – you don’t get to be the bad guy.” And we’re back in the couple therapy waiting room, ready to be a fly on the wall again in sessions with Dr Orna Guralnik. This week, Mau talks about why he needs sex every day, while Evelyn admits she doesn’t trust Alan, and Elaine realises something about her childhood trauma. HR

Film choice

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Ang Lee, 2000), 6.40pm, Great! Movies
The most celebrated in a wave of turn-of-the-millennium wuxia movies (a martial arts genre originating in China) that wowed western audiences, Ang Lee’s 2000 film still stands up. From vivid green bamboo forests to the dust-yellow Gobi desert, it’s an adventure of relentless visual splendour, as skilled swordspeople (and unconsummated soulmates) Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh seek a mysterious thief. Could it be the imperial governor’s soon-to-be married daughter (Zhang Ziyi)? Forbidden romance and kung fu action in one stylish package. Simon Wardell