TV tonight: how Jay Blades finally overcame his dyslexia

Jay Blades: Learning to Read at 51

9pm, BBC One

One in 10 adults in the UK have dyslexia, and this includes the hugely affable Jay Blades, furniture restorer and host of The Repair Shop. This one-off programme follows Blades from not being able to read the letter awarding him his MBE to vowing to be able to read to his daughter by the time she turns 16. We then follow him as he takes literacy lessons – all the while showing the reality of dyslexia with heart, candour and that East End charm. Hollie Richardson

We Are England

7.30pm, BBC One

Another of the series of short documentaries telling overlooked stories of modern life. In this episode, ex-soldier Darren delves into the problems of veterans struggling on civvy street. Darren experienced addiction and prison after leaving the military. What can be done to prevent others suffering similar fates? Might HGV driving be a productive avenue to follow? Phil Harrison

The Bay

9pm, ITV

In a very procedural mid-season episode of the coastal crime show, secrets about the deceased slowly leak out. Fortunately, the story has other concerns – racial tensions in a small town, and the stresses of building a blended family – to offset the blandness of the sleuthing. Jack Seale

Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion

9pm, Channel 4

Here’s Katie Price doing up her “mucky mansion” (so-called by the tabloids). But there’s more to this than meets the eye – it’s no coincidence the house crumbled at the same time that Price’s personal life did. Whatever your thoughts are on her, she has a knack for hard-to-switch-over telly. HR

Spencer Jones as Herbert Clunkerdunk
Spencer Jones as Herbert Clunkerdunk. Photograph: Ricky Darko/BBC/Tiger Aspect

The Mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk

10pm, BBC Two

If you’re unsure of what to make of this surreal comedy series, you are not alone. In this second season of 15-minute shorts, Spencer Jones (Upstart Crow) continues to share the unfiltered imagination of his alter ego Herbert Clunkerdunk. Expect silly songs, mobile phones with eyes and dreamlike sequences in tonight’s double bill. HR

Storyville: Final Account

10pm, BBC Four

Ahead of Wednesday’s Holocaust Memorial Day, Luke Holland’s documentary about the last living generation of German citizens of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich is aired on the small screen. Holland – who died of cancer while it was in post-production – worked on it over the course of 10 years and talked to more than 150 people, asking how their past affects their present. HR

Film choice

Emily Beecham as Alice in Little Joe
The flowers of evil … Emily Beecham as Alice (right) in Little Joe. Photograph: Landmark Media/Alamy

Little Joe (Jessica Hausner, 2019), 11.15pm, BBC Two
An unsettling Invasion of the Body Snatchers-style horror built in bold blocks of colour, Jessica Hausner’s film is set at a laboratory that is developing a mood-enhancing plant. When scientist Alice (Emily Beecham) brings one of the pretty red flowers home for her son Joe (Kit Connor), and names it Little Joe, bad things are bound to happen. There’s good support from Ben Whishaw and Kerry Fox playing Alice’s concerned colleagues, as both mother and child find their behaviours changing in response to the possibly malevolent flora. Simon Wardell

Live sport

International Women’s Cricket – Australia v England 10.30pm, BT Sport 2
Heather Knight leads the visitors on day one of the sole Ashes Test at Manuka Oval.