TV tonight: Stevie Nicks belts out the hits with a little help from her friends

Stevie Nicks: Rock a Little

8.15pm, Sky Arts

A must-watch for Nicks fans, here’s the recording of her 1986 concert held at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. Fleetwood Mac bandmate Mick Fleetwood and singer-songwriter Peter Frampton join her on stage for a set, with hits including Dreams, Edge of Seventeen, Leather and Lace, and Rhiannon. Hollie Richardson

Gardeners’ World

7.30pm, BBC Two

With more gardeners saving money by growing food, Monty Don sorts out some dinner staples: rocket is sown, while it’s time to harvest tomatoes and chillies. Elsewhere, Frances Tophill visits a London haven where sustainable gardening is paramount. Jack Seale

Gaming Music at the Proms

8pm, BBC Four

Giving video-game music its long overdue time in the spotlight, an electronically expanded Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performs the scores of Final Fantasy VIII, Kingdom Hearts and Battlefield 2042 at the Royal Albert Hall. HR

Jane Austen’s Sanditon

9pm, ITV

“I lay awake all night,” coos a glowing Alison (Rosie Graham). “Since dancing with Captain Carter I cannot eat or sleep for thinking of him.” It’s a pity she’s oblivious to the fact that her captain (Maxim Ays) is wooing her under false pretences. Never mind: she has also caught the attention of another officer … HR

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

9pm, Channel 4

So successful has this Countdown spin-off been that Jimmy Carr has sat underneath that giant clock for longer than any actual host of the show proper, bar Richard Whiteley. Its addictively silly approach to numeracy and literacy will tonight stem from Alan Carr, Harriet Kemsley, Jonathan Ross and Maisie Adam. Alexi Duggins

Canada’s Drag Race

10.30pm, BBC Three

Another offering of approximately a billion Drag Race spin-offs, our Canadian cousins have a few things going for them. Tonight: a conflict-filled werkroom, Lady Boom Boom’s boom-boom and that general air of scrappy determination. Ellen E Jones

Film choice

Thirteen Lives (Ron Howard, 2022), Amazon Prime Video
The plain facts behind Ron Howard’s new film are extraordinary, even without their dramatisation. In 2018, 12 boys and their football coach became trapped by flood waters in a cave system in Thailand. As the monsoon threatened, an international operation – including Thai Navy Seals and two UK cave rescuers – struggled to save them. To his credit, Howard tells the tale with a minimum of fuss; the uptick in tension as the days pass and the extreme claustrophobia of the underwater scenes are enough to make it gripping. There is star wattage from Colin Farrell and Viggo Mortensen as the British divers, but they are admirably understated, and the Thai people involved are given their due, too. Simon Wardell

The Band Wagon (Vincente Minnelli, 1953) 1.50pm, BBC Two
The age-gap romance between Fred Astaire’s on-the-slide
“song-and-dance man” Tony and Cyd Charisse’s ballet dancer Gabrielle isn’t the classiest of moves, but this Vincente Minnelli-directed MGM musical is still one of the great putting-on-a-show films. The fraught creation of a modern-day Broadway remake of Faust is tempered by jolly songs such as That’s Entertainment and Triplets, and the jazzy, film noir-spoofing dance piece Girl Hunt Ballet. Needless to say, the hoofing is top-notch, with Charisse giving Astaire a run for his money. SW

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (James Cameron, 1991), 10.45pm, ITV
Just as he did with Aliens, James Cameron took a cult classic – this time his own The Terminator – and blew it up. Bigger action sequences, better special effects (Robert Patrick’s liquifying T-1000 was a gamechanger) and a relatable mother-child setup, plus Arnold Schwarzenegger flipping to the good side, make his 1991 sequel a fantastic watch to this day. Linda Hamilton, pumped up and intense, returns to protect her son (Edward Furlong) from a cyborg killer from the future. Arnie is, well, Arnie – making a virtue of his expressionless robotic character. SW