TV tonight: the truth about your Alexa device is revealed

The Secret Genius of Modern Life

8pm, BBC Two

“There is way too much information contained in the recording of a human voice – as anyone who has ever received one of my seven-minute-long voice notes will testify.” The endlessly enthusiastic Prof Hannah Fry’s investigation into how Alexa devices talk is just one fascinating part of this deep dive into virtual assistants, which almost half of all UK homes now use. Unfortunately for Alexa, this means performing an autopsy (“Sorry, I’m not sure about that,” she replies when Fry asks if its OK to open her up with a screwdriver). Hollie Richardson

Aldi’s Next Big Thing

Channel 4, 8pm

It’s the TV moment anybody who has ever walked down the hallowed Aldi middle-aisle has been waiting for: the final week of the supermarket’s “next big thing” competition. The remaining treats that buyer Julie Ashfield might snap up for the chain’s shelves include beer-filled yorkshire puddings and a chocolate bar filled with crisps. Delicious? HR

The English

9pm, BBC Two

Despite hardly being able to see what’s going on because the set seems to be lit by candles, Hugo Blick’s tense western continues to bring high drama. After parting ways with Eli to try to return the children they found, Lady Cornelia heads back to the farm – but they both face perils before reuniting. HR


9pm, Channel 4

It’s penultimate episode time, which means ramped-up levels of ludicrousness for our knights – and Dara Ó Briain’s slender lead means he’s in the running for the ultimate prize: Greg Davies’s little golden head. Meanwhile, John Kearns waggles his sausage and Sarah Millican finds a unique use for a table tennis ball. Ali Catterall

Brian Cox: How the Other Half Live

9pm, Channel 5

The concluding part of this exploration of wealth and inequality sees the Succession actor taking his straight-talking ways to the US. He meets an influencer in Miami, homeless people in Harlem and the heir to a media dynasty. Knowing what it’s like to have no money gives Cox a balance of empathy and rage. Hannah Verdier

Live at the Apollo

9.55pm, BBC Two

Proving to be this week’s most ubiquitous telly comedian, Strictly’s Ellie Taylor takes the stage tonight, alongside moustachioed Aussie comedian Sam Simmons. Gina Yashere will be taking the comedy reins for the evening. HR