When is Twelfth Night 2023 and when do we take Christmas decorations down?

The Twelfth Night is when many people take down their Christmas decorations (Michel Stockman/Unsplash)
The Twelfth Night is when many people take down their Christmas decorations (Michel Stockman/Unsplash)

It is the first week of January and it feels as if the Christmas season is well and truly over.

Most people are back at work, and children will be making the most of their last days of freedom before heading to school on Monday.

But for many Christians, the Christmas festivities continue long beyond December 25 and will only wrap up on January 5 – Twelfth Night.

So what is Twelfth Night and why is it when many people traditionally take down their Christmas tree?

When is Twelfth Night?

Twelfth Night is on January 5. It marks the end of the 12 nights of Christmas, which begin on Christmas Day.

Twelfth Night is also known as Epiphany Eve, with Epiphany taking place on January 6.

However, some people believe the 12 days of Christmas begin on December 26, which means Twelfth Night would take place on January 6.

What are the origins of Twelfth Night?

Christians have celebrated Twelfth Night for hundreds of years. It marks the night before Epiphany, which is an important day in the Christian calendar.

Historically, Christmas would be celebrated from Christmas Day for 12 days up until Epiphany.

Epiphany is celebrated by a number of Christian religions, each with its own traditions.

It originated in the Eastern church when Christians would commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. In the Western church, Epiphany commemorates the day the Magi visited the baby Jesus.

When do we take down Christmas decorations?

Twelfth Night has become a traditional day to take down Christmas decorations.

It is thought that this tradition originated in the Victorian era because the Victorians wanted to mark the end of the Christmas festivities and send people back to work.

Alternatively, some people wait until Candlemas on February 2 to take down their decorations.