Twelve-year-old boy’s leg severed in horrific theme park accident

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
The 12-year-old had been on a ride at the Fort Fun amusement park in Germany (CEN)

A 12-year-old boy suffered devastating injuries when his leg got stuck between the carriage and the track of a white-knuckle ride at a theme park in Germany.

The child, known only as Denis, was at the Fort Fun amusement park in the town of Bestwig on Saturday when his right leg got stuck between the track and the carriage of a one-person toboggan.

The lower part of his leg was ripped off in the horror accident and doctors are battling to sew it back on, though it is not currently known whether it is even possible.

The boy’s leg was severed when it got stuck on the ride (CEN)

Denis, who was at the theme park with his teammates from the amateur football club FC Lennestadt, was just 50 feet from the starting point when the incident happened.

His coach, Matthias Eykeln, was riding directly behind the boy and saw the accident happen.

He said: “Shortly before a turn Denis suddenly cried out. His sled stopped. When I realised what had happened, I jumped out of the sleigh and helped him.

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“I will never forget these scenes. There was little blood, but his leg bone protruded from the wound.”

Luckily, a paramedic happened to be sitting in one of the other carriages and quickly gave the boy first aid before he was rushed to a hospital in Gelsenkirchen by helicopter.

Employees of the amusement park put the amputated lower leg in a bag with ice and doctors have tried to attach the severed body part to Denis’ body.

Theme park staff packed the leg in ice where doctors have tried to reattach it (CEN)

Experts are currently investigating the track to work out how exactly the accident happened.

Fort Fun Managing Director Andreas Sievering said it did not seem to be a technical issue.

He added: “At first glance it was apparently a misconduct of the boy.”

The park, which claims their toboggan ride is the longest in Europe, remained open for the rest of the day.

The theme park remained open after the accident (CEN)

It is not the first time a similar accident happened at a toboggan ride in the park.

In June 2000, a seven-year-old child had their arm almost ripped off due to a crack in the track of another toboggan ride at Fort Fun.

The limb was sewn back to the child’s body, and the toboggan ride in question was closed down in 2003.