Twice-divorced Gary Lineker shares details of dating life in candid chat

gary lineker and danielle bux
gary lineker and danielle bux

Gary Lineker is a doting dad to his four grown-up sons but he isn't in any hurry to get married again, according to a new interview.

Speaking to the Sunday Times at the weekend, the BBC presenter opened up about his love life and whether he has a new beau following his two divorces.

Asked about whether he's currently dating, the star said: "I'm single. I am single." Gary refused to comment on whether he is seen as a sex symbol but expanded on his single life, saying: "I like being on my own. I know it sounds a bit mad. I have lots of company.

"I've got lots of friends and I've also got my boys… I don't feel lonely. I have the date here and there but nothing, not in terms of a long relationship."

"I've been married most of my adult life. Two really good marriages, I'm friends with both," he continued. "I'm not saying whether it'll change. It might do. I don't know. But at the minute I'm very comfortable," he added.

Gary Lineker with his youngest son Angus at a sporting event
Gary with his youngest son Angus (Instagram)

The retired footballer married Michelle Cockayne in 1986 and they share four children together: adult sons George, Harry, Tobias, and Angus. Twenty years after they tied the knot, however, the couple separated.

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In 2007 Gary started dating model Danielle Bux, who is 20 years his junior, after being set up on a blind date. Two years later, as featured exclusively in HELLO! magazine, Gary and Danielle tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony in Italy.

gary lineker on match day
The star opened up about his dating life (BBC)

However, in 2016 the pair announced they were to divorce amid reports that they parted ways because they had different ideas about starting a family together.

Speaking to The Mirror in 2019, Gary, explained: "Danielle and I are best mates, we still speak three times a day, we text all the time. When she comes to London she stays with me, and when I go to LA I see her."

gary lineker danielle bux
Gary's still close to his second ex-wife Danielle Bux (Getty)

Speaking to The Times that same month, Gary suggested that Danielle's desire for children caused their split. The former England player recalled: "Obviously I would have done, but she said, 'It's not fair on you.' Then I said, 'Well, I'd feel terrible if I stop you doing it.'"

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The two remain an excellent terms, and reunited last year for a cosy pre-Christmas get-together. Taking to his Instagram Stories, the Match of the Day host reshared a snap of himself alongside Danielle's eldest daughter, Ella. The heartwarming image was captioned, "Our annual Christmas dinner," to which the 62-year-old sports pundit replied: "Always a delight."

gary lineker michelle
With his first wife Michelle (Getty)

Danielle is now married to American lawyer Nate Greenwald, with whom she shares her daughter Romy, five. Speaking about their friendship and how Danielle's husband doesn't mind their closeness, Gary told Radio Times: "He's not got a jealous bone in his body. We get on really well.

"We go out for dinner when I'm in LA. It might be unusual and people might go, 'That's weird' but, frankly, I don't care. What is normal? "Is it better to get divorced and end up fighting, screaming and shouting? Or is it better to get on if you can?"