Twilight star Kellan Lutz: ‘I’m ready to prove myself and front my own film franchise’

Branching out: Kellan Lutz is keen to front his own action franchise: Dave Benett
Branching out: Kellan Lutz is keen to front his own action franchise: Dave Benett

Twilight actor Kellan Lutz has said that he is ready to “prove himself” and front his own hit film franchise.

The US star, 32, played Emmett Cullen in the hit vampire film series from 2008-2012 during his 20s, but feels that he has matured and grown into himself now that he is in his 30s.

“I think in this next stage I’m ready to prove myself and make my name on my own and really show what I’ve got and make my own blockbusters,” he told the Standard.

Lutz, who stars in new sci-fi film Origin Wars opposite Isabel Lucas, credits the hit Twilight series for putting his name “on the map”, but is keen to branch out.

“It only helped me, it was a blessing to be a part of it. I feel like that put my name on the map so that’s priceless,” he said.

Lutz, who is rumoured to be in the running to play He-Man, is keen to land himself a superhero role.

“I’m a planner, I always have projection and my goals set,” he said. “I’d love to have my own action movie franchise like Jason Bourne, or play a superhero like He-Man or a character in the Marvel universe. I met with them so hopefully a role will come up in the future.”

“But it’s all about positioning yourself,” he added. “As I progress I really like playing characters, I love stepping into the shoes of some of characters. I’m also itching to do some more drama because I feel like I’ve grown so much as a man.”

After spending his twenties dating, Lutz is now ready to settle down and start a family with girlfriend Brittany Gonzales.

“I look back at some of my dating when I was in my 20s and I think no wonder it didn’t work out because I didn’t know who I was fully. I was never in the right place to find a wife and now I am,” he said.

“I would love to be married and have kids by the time I’m 35, I’m 32 right now,” he added. “I had one of those ‘when you know you just know’ moments.”

Origin Wars is out on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital on July 24.

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