Twin Peaks: What mysteries hide in the trailer?

After solving the mystery of Laura Palmer's untimely death, what else could creator David Lynch have in store for us?

In typical Lynchian style, the trailer is short and lacks essential dialogue.

In fact, the most audible scene comes from Lynch himself, yelling "Albert" to the late Miguel Ferrer who plays Agent Albert Rosenfield.

But let's go over it bit by bit.

In the first scene of the trailer, we see an empty staircase, followed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper - played by Kyle MacLachlan - facing a dark corridor.

This is the start of a mosaic of sorts, where short snaps of old and new characters are introduced to the viewer in a cryptic fashion.

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After spotting the back of Agent Cooper's head, we are then presented with Deputy Andy Brennan - played by Harry Goaz - and we can see he has retained his position at the Twin Peak's Sheriff Department.

As has Lucy Moran, the high-pitched voice receptionist played by Kimmy Robertson.

Then we spot our first new character - and it's a creepy one.

Actor Ben Rosenfield, known for his role in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, appears here sitting on a couch, staring at a camera.

It doesn't say much, but the way the character is introduced suggests it could be a new villain.

If so, why is he filming himself?

A little more revealing is the show's new vixen, played by child star Madeline Zima, who appears here seductively whispering: "Try me".

After that, there are two unknown older women, one strolling down a hotel lobby with a dog and another one standing in the middle of a room.

We don't know anything about these characters, but we do recognise the woman sitting at a table with her friends at the Roadhouse.

It's Shelly Johnson, played by Madchen Amick, the apparently former waitress at the Double R Dinner.

Shelly and her friends are looking suspiciously at someone who just walked in, as is the next character, a woman in her underwear who is sitting at a motel bed, talking on the phone.

"He's coming. I have to get off the phone," she is heard saying.

Could that be Agent Cooper she is talking about?

Cooper is seen in the last scene, driving a car, probably returning to Twin Peaks because, as the slogan says: "It is happening again".

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