Twisters’ Anthony Ramos Reveals The Note Steven Spielberg Gave Him About His Character That Made Him Feel Seen

 Anthony Ramos in Twisters.
Anthony Ramos in Twisters.

The newly released trailer for the upcoming Twisters, which references the original film’s thrilling conclusion, suggests that the 2024 movie schedule entry will be sizzling. In Hollywood, grandiose storytelling often overshadows authenticity. However, for Anthony Ramos, one of the film's stars, a note from the legendary Steven Spielberg himself changed everything. In fact, it grounded his character in a way that deeply resonated with his personal experience.

The dynamic In the Heights performer recently shared a touching moment from the production of Twisters, a standalone sequel to one of the best action movies of the '90s, the 1996 classic Twister. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he revealed that he initially assumed his character, storm chaser Javi, would adopt a Southern accent given the film's Oklahoma setting. But the actor was taken aback when Steven Spielberg, the executive producer, had a different vision. He explained to the outlet that he was prepared to give his southern take...:

…but then I heard Steven [Spielberg] was like, 'No, I want him to do it in his dialect.’ It was a little surprising to me, but it was really cool, to me, because I've never heard someone who speaks in my vernacular — especially this New York, Northeast, Latino dialect that I have — in a movie of this size, in a place like Oklahoma. It makes me feel it's possible for a kid from the hood to go to a school like OU, study meteorology, be this brilliant meteorologist and storm chaser. This is something that a kid like me could do. I thought that that was really cool.

This moment of cultural authenticity isn't just a personal victory for Anthony Ramos; it’s a significant step for representation in mainstream cinema. In an industry often criticized for lacking diversity and cultural sensitivity, the Jurassic Park helmer's decision highlights the importance of staying true to a character's roots and providing audiences with relatable and authentic portrayals.

Twisters, directed by Lee Isaac Chung, the visionary behind Minari, promises to bring both spectacle and soul to the screen. Ramos expressed his excitement about working with Chung, praising the director's ability to infuse heart into large-scale projects. The Hamilton star continued:

He [Chung] is a guy that directs these really niche, smaller, beautiful films. And here he is doing this massive movie. I knew he was going to bring the heart and soul to it.

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As anticipation builds for the weather-based disaster film, Anthony Ramos' story stands out, highlighting Hollywood's evolving landscape. To see more of Ramos' impressive talent, check out his performance in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, which is now streaming with an Amazon Prime Video subscription, or his star-making turn in the Broadway blockbuster Hamilton, available for Disney+ subscribers.