Twitter is mad Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper didn't kiss after their Oscars performance

As the 2019 Oscars kicked off on Sunday night, there was one moment that everyone was looking forward to: Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's performance of Best Original Song winner, "Shallow," from their hit film, "A Star Is Born."

And to say that the pair's electric performance didn't disappoint would be a major understatement.

As the song's universally recognised opening chords started to play, the camera panned to Gaga and Cooper sitting getting up from their seats in the front row of Dolby Theatre and walk up onto the stage hand-in-hand to perform. No introduction necessary.

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The pair seemingly never took their eyes off of one another throughout the entire song, as Cooper sat in a stool looking at Gaga, who was seated at a Steinway & Sons piano for their duet. It was in the song's last chorus, though, as the actor joined Gaga on the piano bench, that the biggest moment of their performance happened.

As they sang the final notes of Shallow, Gaga and Cooper shared one mic, getting as close as possible without kissing. Though they didn't kiss, the charged moment and their incredible chemistry fuelled romance rumours and got a lot of people talking on Twitter.

"Did everyone else feel awkward that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga DIDN'T kiss at the end of that?" one person wrote. "I need Gaga to take his face in her hands and scream, 'That's why I couldn't marry him!!! I'm in love with you..I've always been in love with're the one person..'"

"Why yes I did scream 'KISS!' from the balcony of the Dolby Theatre," one person wrote.

"Anyone else notice Lady Gaga almost make out with Bradley Cooper in the middle of their Oscars performance?" another user reacted.

"You can't tell me Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper aren't together," another person tweeted.

Others wondered how Cooper's girlfriend, Irina Shayk, felt while watching the performance from the front row.

"Bradley Cooper's wife watching him perform with Lady Gaga," one person tweeted alongside a nervous gif of Kermit the Frog.

"CAN WE PAN TO IRINA PLEASE?" another person asked.

"This Oscars is great to watch for everyone except maybe Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's significant others," another user wrote.

It's worth noting that earlier this week, Gaga's publicist confirmed that she and ex-fiancé Christian Carino had called it quits after several years together.

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