Twitter Republicans react to Donald Trump's use of the 'mother of all bombs'

Mythili Sampathkumar
Donald trump seems to have pleased many conservatives after the US military dropped a large bomb in Afghanistan

The US military dropped the 21,000lb so-called "mother of all bombs" on Isis fighters in Afghanistan and Donald Trump's supporters could hardly contain their delight.

Conservative commentator and radio programme host Laura Ingraham showed her support for the decision to drop the Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB) weapon on Isis members' caves and tunnels near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border - calling it an "excellent" development.

Piers Morgan, a vocal supporter of Mr Trump throughout the 2016 election, said the president reminded followers that the US has the world's largest and best-armed military.

Fox News Host Eric Bolling thought the use of the MOAB was a pivotal moment in Mr Trump's presidency and a turn in US foreign policy. The Pentagon and Central US Command have not confirmed that Mr Trump was the one to give the order for the bomb. The Pentagon confirmed to The Independent only that General John Nicholson in Afghanistan "received authorities" to use such weapons in January 2017.

Michael Waltz, a former Green Beret and Fox News contributor, said Mr Nicholson's decision was the right one. The bombing was meant to target IS Khorosan, a group that has branded themselves an Isis affiliate.

However, Mr Waltz claimed the MOAB would send a signal to the Taliban in Afghanistan as well.

Oliver North was infamously National Security Advisor to former President Ronald Reagan during the Iran-Contra affair, a political scandal involving the illegal sale of arms to Iran in exchange for American hostages held in Lebanon in the 1980s.

Mr Trump said he gave the US military, referring to them as "my military," "total authorisation." The 'carte blanche' approach is right one according to Mr North, who felt the previous Obama administration managed generals too closely.

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