Twitter unveil plans to let fans watch NBA games through eyes of players

Simon Johnson

Basketball fans will soon be able to watch NBA games streamed through the eyes of their heroes on Twitter.

The social media site has unveiled plans to equip players with a camera during selected regular season and playoff games, bringing fans an up-close view of action on the court.

The project, which will be launched this year, will give Twitter users the chance to vote for which player they'd like to see given the lens for the second half of a game, with the footage streamed online.

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said the idea was designed to be "complimentary" to the experience of watching a game on television or in person.

Dorsey revealed the plans at the CES conference in Las Vegas

"What we're always looking for an opportunity to do is, how do we enrich the conversation that is happening," said Dorsey.

"One way to enrich it is giving people more to see and more angles to see them, and two is participation - so we're doing both.

"We're enabling people to participate by voting on who they would like to focus on, and then also streaming that right in the app, right where the conversation is. We think it is a great complementary experience to watching the game, whether you're there or watching it on television."

The Washington Wizards face the New York Knicks in the NBA's London game next week at the O2 Arena.