Twitter's Instagram for video iPhone app, Vine, is almost here

Twitter is readying an iPhone app that will allow a user to take and post video clips on to the social networking site. It bought video file-sharing start-up Vine last year and reports suggest that it is now ready to release its first application, with CEO Dick Costolo sharing a Vine-captured short in preparation.

The app, also called Vine, will be available on the Apple App Store soon, with All Things Digital stating that it could be as soon as today. The site has been talking to "people familiar with the company", but perhaps the best indication that it is ready for release is a Vine-posted clip that Costolo has shared. A new Vine Twitter account has also been opened (@vineapp).

Steak tartare in six seconds. @dhof

— dick costolo (@dickc) January 23, 2013

What makes Vine different from other video posting applications is that it is designed to take short snippets of video, no longer than six seconds at a time, that are easy and quick to post on a Twitter feed.

You can also make digital montages of clips, in much the same way employed in the sample video Costolo tweeted about. And All Things Digital says that the app is easy to operate - just hold your finger on the screen to start recording, lift it to stop.

There's an Instagram-like aspect to it too, in that you can actually follow other users' video clips, although Pocket-lint is yet to see the app - obviously - so we're not entirely sure on how that will work at the moment.

You will be able to find out more on the Vine website when it launches for real:

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