The two big changes coming to Coventry this week

Two big changes are coming into force in Coventry this week which will impact those who work and live in the city. Both of them come into force from Monday, June 3.

The first is a ban on cars at certain times of day on Broadgate and the cathedral. It forms part of a new 'pedestrian and cycle zone'.

It means that only drivers with permits or those who are otherwise "exempt" can use these roads from 10am to 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays.

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Cuckoo Lane, Greyfriars Lane, Hay Lane, High Street, Pepper Lane, Priory Row, St Michaels Avenue, Trinity Churchyard and part of Bayley Lane are covered by the new zone. Among the vehicles "exempt" from the new zone include buses, hackney carriages and emergency services.

Those who have properties in the zone can apply for permits. It has been said that the move will cut down on traffic in the streets and improve safety, access and amenity.

Green waste charge

Another controversial move coming into force this week is the end of the free green waste collection across the city. All brown lid collections now come with a charge.

Householders across the city now have to pay a £40, yearly fee to have their garden waste collected. The new paid for service runs from June 3 to May 31.

Only those who have paid the charge will receive a sticker that has to be put on the back of their bin for it to be collected and emptied. Bins have to be out by 7am on collection days and they will be emptied fortnightly.

Coventry City Council said there will be an annual pause in the collections each year over Christmas. To sign up for the service, people can call 08085 834333 and payments will be accepted at the Customer Service Centre on Upper Precinct.

The city council said that the service charge, which is in force in other parts of our area including Nuneaton and Bedworth, has had to come into force to help save precious funds.

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