Two new four-bedroom homes could be built on land close to listed buildings

The houses would be built on land to the right, behind the bus stop on Keighley Road
The houses would be built on land to the right, behind the bus stop on Keighley Road

Plans have been submitted to build two four-bedroom detached homes on vacant land close to two listed buildings.

Andrew Ingham has applied to Pendle Borough Council to build the "modest" homes, with private garages, on vacant land to the west of Garfield in Keighley Road, Laneshawbridge.

The plans, submitted to the council last week, explain the dwellings would be split level owing to the sloping land on the site, with accommodation provided across ground and lower ground floors.

From Keighley Road, the development would appear as single storey with the larger, two storey element at the rear facing south to maximise views across the landscape.

There are two listed buildings to the north of the site within the grounds of the former Hartley Hospital, but these are physically separated from the plot by the A6068 and sit at a higher level than the proposed dwellings.

Lancashire Telegraph:
Lancashire Telegraph:

In respect of the listed buildings, the planning statement reads: "It is clear that the assets have architectural and historic significance, as outlined above.

"Owing to the physical separation between the respective sites, the difference in levels and the modest nature of the proposed development when seen from the Keighley Road elevation, it is not considered that the scheme would detract from the listed buildings, nor would it result in any undue harm to their setting."

The planning statement says Mr Ingham is not seeking to develop the entirety of the land within his ownership, and as such, a large portion of the site to the south will remain untouched and create a suitable buffer to the countryside beyond.

A previous application to erect three homes at the site was refused in November 2003, but since then the policy position has changed.

The planning statement goes on: "Consequently, having regard to the development plan and all material considerations, there is a compelling case for planning permission to be granted without delay, in accordance with the presumption in favour of sustainable development."

Residents have until June 30 to comment on the proposals, with a decision on whether to grant permission made in due course.