Two Giraffe Calves Make Public Debut at Perth Zoo

Visitors to Perth Zoo can look forward to seeing two giraffe calves, Akiki and Zahara, after the pair made their first appearance to the public, footage released on November 23 shows.

This is the first time Perth Zoo has had two giraffe calves at the same time, they said. The animals were born as part of a regional zoo breeding program.

The half-siblings were born around a month apart, with Zahara born in September and Akiki in October.

Akiki, the male calf, was hand-reared by keepers after first-time mother Elie struggled to feed him.

Perth Zoo said that when they’re older, Zahara and Akiki will likely move to other zoos in the region to share their genetics within the zoo breeding program. Credit: Perth Zoo via Storyful

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