Two Hospitalized After Home Explodes From Gas Leak in Southwestern Indiana

Two people were taken to the hospital after the upper level of a home in Princeton, Indiana, exploded on November 15, as maintenance was being done on a natural gas heater, local media reported.

Footage from Michael A Couts’s surveillance camera captures the moment of the explosion, which destroys a majority of the upper structure of the home. Fire and smoke can be seen swelling in the aftermath, along with people running out the door of the destroyed home.

Princeton Fire Territory Chief Nick Medler told Storyful that three people reported injuries, “two of which were transported from the scene by ambulance.”

“After an investigation led by the Indiana State Fire Marshal’s investigation division, it was determined that there was maintenance being done to a wall-mounted natural gas heater at the time of the incident,” Medler said.

Local news reported that Josh Meeks, the property manager for the home, said “there were no critical injuries.” Credit: Michael A. Couts via Storyful

Video transcript

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