Two jailed for trafficking and exploiting young women as sex workers

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Hussain Edani (left) and Shana Stanley (right) (Metropolitan Police)
Hussain Edani (left) and Shana Stanley (right) (Metropolitan Police)

A man and woman have been jailed for trafficking young women from Brazil to London to exploit them as sex workers.

Shana Stanley, 29, and Hussain Edani, 31, were jailed at Harrow Crown Court on Friday.

Stanley was sentenced to three years and seven months behind bars while Edani was sentenced to eight years and two months.

The pair, of Harrow, north London, each pleaded guilty to controlling prostitution and arranging or facilitating travel for the purpose of exploitation.

Their twisted scheme saw Brazilian women fly to the UK expecting to study English with their flight, passports, course and accommodation paid for by Edani and Stanley.

However, the women were soon stopped from attending classes and instead were exploited into working as sex workers to pay back the costs they had incurred.

They were ordered to make at least £500 a day, often having between 15 and 20 clients, but they were only paid a weekly wage of £250 to £300.

Hidden cameras were installed in the victims’ rooms and they were threatened with footage being sent to their families if they did not do as they were asked.

One of the victims told police that she was “sold a dream that turned into a nightmare”.

The Met’s modern slavery and child exploitation team launched an investigation in March last year.

Police were called to an address in south Harrow where a woman told officers she was being kept as a slave and she wanted to go back to Brazil.

The court heard the victim had an argument with her “line manager” Stanley that night over money.

Stanley left the flat but soon returned and took all of the victim’s money as well as her passport before threatening her.

The victim managed to call police and shout for help, but she was pushed by Stanley and the call dropped.

Stanley left telling her she had “signed her own death warrant”.

The victim managed to take photos of Stanley on her phone before calling police back, giving a statement and being taken to safety.

She had began attending the English course in Manchester before she was contacted by Stanley and asked to go to London.

The next day Stanley took her shopping and paid for clothing and lingerie before sending her back to Manchester.

She returned to London to meet Stanley who told her she would no longer be attending the course.

Instead she was given a contract to sign to “sell her body” and she was told if she did not sign it she would not be able to go back to Brazil.

The victim told officers at the time she thought signing the contract was her only way out.

She was taken to a flat in south Harrow and a hidden camera was installed in her bedroom which Stanley said was for her safety.

The victim was also given a mobile phone which she was ordered not to turn off so her movements could be tracked.

Stanley and Edani each pleaded guilty to four counts of controlling prostitution at the same court on August 9.

Edani also pleaded guilty to three counts of arranging or facilitating travel for the purpose of exploitation while Stanley pleaded guilty to two counts of the same charge.

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