Two of the kids from School Of Rock are dating 17 years later

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Photo credit: Rex
Photo credit: Rex

As we all know School of Rock is a cultural phenomenon that will always hold a special place in our hearts. Which is why it was such adorable news that two of the kids from the cast are dating, 17 years on.

That's right, Angelo Massagli and Caitlin Hale, aka Frankie and Marta are currently in a relationship and presumably still maintaining their allegiance to the band of Mr Scheenbly. The discovery was made by a fan on TikTok who stumbled upon the pair's very cute Instagram posts with each other and shared the news with viewers in a video captioned, "Frankie and Marta from School of Rock are a couple?!"

That TikTok was then picked up by another fan who tweeted images of the pair alongside the caption, "NO WAIT HOLD UP..... FRANKIE AND MARTA FROM SCHOOL OF ROCK ARE A COUPLE!!!!!! IM NOT OK."

Almost two decades after the much-loved film was released it seems as though this cast's bond lives on (you're not hardcore unless you live hardcore, right?). In January of this year Maryam Hassan aka Tomika revealed that the cast are all still friends and chat on a School of Rock Whatsapp group, which we would love an invite to, quite frankly.

"We have a group chat," Hassan said. "We keep in touch pretty frequently and drop in our projects. I drop my music in, Miranda drops her acting projects in, stuff like that. Others have left the industry and talk about their families... There’s 14 of us. A few of them had a meet-up about a year ago in New York."

We love this, lots and lots.

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