Two-legged Thai dog that was shot in head starts new life full of love in Canada

A Canadian woman named Lara immediately fell in love when she watched an Instagram video of a two-legged dog who had been shot in the head in Thailand. The sad clip was shared by the Soi Dog Foundation. "She had an actual hole above her left eye, she looked terrible and so sad. As they were packing the wound and bandaging her head, which must have been so incredibly painful, her tail was just wagging and she was trying to put her face close to one of the vet technicians. She was just showing so much trust in these humans like she knew they were going to help her", said Lara. Amira had lived nine years on the streets without front legs. Blind in the left eye, she had slices on her tongue, broken teeth, scars, and callouses everywhere. When the vet examined her, they thought she had dozens of litters over the years. Lara said that the clip she watched shattered her heart. "I knew I had to reach out to them immediately to see if there was anything I could do for this sweet girl", she said. The woman reached out to the organisation to adopt her, but the Soi Dog Foundation told her that the dog was too sick. Her liver and kidneys were weak. "They told me she would probably never be well enough to leave Soi Dog", she recalled. Lara didn't lose hope and she decided to donate to the pet's care and contact them every few days to see how she was doing. She went through the adoption paperwork in the hopes that this unfortunate dog would be able to travel someday. "They sent me videos of her every week and even told me about the wheelchair they were having made for her. She was such a resilient dog!", Lara said. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Thai organisation had no flight volunteers to take the dog to Canada. Lara had to pay the cost of having her flown on her own which was around $2,000 Canadian dollars. "I joked that I would mortgage my house to get her here. There was just something about her that made me feel so close to her, like she was already part of my family", the woman said. Lara's husband wasn't too thrilled at the beginning as they already had three small dogs at home. Soi Dog gifted the family her wheelchair and even couriered it to them. They also did all the necessary paperwork and vaccines to allow her entry into Canada. Amira flew 22 hours to Montreal, Canada, on her own. The footage shows the moment Amira, re-named Mimi, meets her new family including Lara's son and daughter who adored her immediately. "She knew she was home", said Lara. "A two-legged dog like Amira doesn’t survive on the streets for as long as she did, without being super smart and intuitive". Mimi immediately settled in and thought herself how to climb the 14 stairs up to Lara's bedroom on the second day because she loved sleeping on the bed so much. Lara encouraged her to do anything from kayaking and boating, to paddleboarding. She brought her everywhere to explore what he had never experienced. "We are now working on prosthetics. She trusts us enough to know that these weird contraptions that we are putting on her now, will improve her life in the long run. Lara is now trying to register Mimi as a therapy dog. She already has one therapy dog that she brings to senior residences and schools. "I know Mimi would make the best therapy dog, especially for children who are amputees". At the time of Mimi's adoption, Canada was allowing these dogs to go in but with a ban taking effect at the end of September, dogs like her will no longer be able to have forever families there. Lara is now fighting hard to get this ban stopped and encourage other overseas adoptions.