Two men jailed for 'barbaric' attack on woman after waking her up in middle of night

Henry Harris, left, and Charlie Hale were both jailed. (Sussex Police)
Henry Harris, left, and Charlie Hale were both jailed. (Sussex Police)

Two men who carried out a 'barbaric' attack on a woman they had woken up in the middle of the night have been jailed.

Charlie Hale, 22, and Henry Harris, 21, were fighting on Church Road in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, in the early hours of 23 September, 2020.

The victim, a 47-year-old woman, was woken by the noise and left her flat to question the men's behaviour.

In response to this one of them assaulted the woman causing her to fall to the ground.

Both suspects then continued to punch and kick her.

The victim was taken to hospital where she was treated for head and facial injuries, and a chipped front tooth.

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The fight also resulted in the victim's car being damaged.

Police found Hale at the scene and charged him with committing grievous bodily harm.

Soon after the police found Harris and he was arrested and charged.

Both men were jailed earlier this month.

Investigating officer, Dani Sanchez, said: "This was a vicious attack on a woman who confronted the men after seeing her car was being damaged.

"Harris knocked her to the floor, at which point Hale joined in. The pair showed no mercy as they continued to punch and kick her whilst she lay defenceless and unconscious.

"Their actions were nothing short of barbaric, and the sentences imposed demonstrate that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated."