Two more coronavirus cases in UK after patients contract illness in Italy and Tenerife

  • J
    I think in the UK we have more a problem from people coming back from Tenerife than anywhere else, That Italian Doctor and his family had been at the hotel about 5 days before becoming ill, remember it is contagious before any symptoms develop, the hotel is used by Jet2 and TUI as well as other travel companies, those guest now in isolation had only been there for about 48 hours so that means a whole load of guests from all over Tenerife went home, mixing on the planes, and being in close proximity with each other , non of these people will be staying at home self isolating because I doubt if they realise they are at risk
  • b
    The government had been saying they are doing very well in dealing with the virus. Suddenly last night they say the public should expect the number to rise hugely. Today there are 2 new cases. Does it mean there will be more cases coming up within the next few days?
  • S
    One gives it to another and they pass it on to two more who each pass it on to two more and so doesn't take long before millions have contracted it. Common sense dictates we should self isolate if we think we are infected. This applies to any contagious infection including influenza.
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    A serious question —— will we be made to remove our virus masks when we enter our Bank ?
  • D
    The media are loving it.
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    John & Gloria
    No need to panic , the death rate is low and only then by complications of other existing medical conditions. If you are fit and healthy, under 80 years old, you are going to be ill but not dead. However, if you can avoid it by keeping away from crowded areas , public transport and events it should be very unlikely to get infected.
  • n
    And how many diagnosis of influenza (flu) in the same time frame. Better yet how many people have already died from flu compared to those from Coronavirus. Why don’t you try reporting facts instead of scaring so many people. Report that it’s mainly the elderly and vulnerable that are effected and many healthy people are beating the virus without antibiotics... the news should be fact not a fictional story.
  • L
    my daughter lives in market Drayton Shropshire her neighbours have just returned form Thailand 2 days ago last night an ambulance and turned up with a medic in a white suit and mask went in to her neighbours house there son was told to go to the hospital car park were he was swabbed and will find out in the next 48 hours
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    emma d
    The problem with "Self Isolation" is it's not viable for some. Those who're self employed or don't get sick pay will continue to work where possible, Unless the government or companies put something in place to cover those people, this is going to be BAD.
  • z
    Just telling people to self isolate, most are probably not going to in this I can do what I want attitude country.