Two People and Dog Hoisted to Safety From Hurricane-Struck Sanibel Island

The US Coast Guard said it rescued two people and their dog from Sanibel Island on Thursday, September 29, after Hurricane Ian devastated parts of Florida’s southwest coast.

Footage released by the US Coast Guard shows the MH-65 Dolphin Crew from Air Station Miami surveying damage in Sanibel. Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyler Kilbane is hoisted to the ground and approaches a man and a woman, who are standing outside a home with their dog.

“You did good!” Kilbane tells the man, who had gotten his attention from the air with a reflector. The pair and their dog are hoisted to safety.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said in a briefing that several parts of the Sanibel Causeway were damaged by the hurricane. Local officials described damage to the island as “significant” after the storm surge of eight to 15 feet caused “extensive flooding.” Credit: US Coast Guard District 7 via Storyful

Video transcript


- Hey, you did good!

- Yeah, thank you.

- I saw it, I was like, whoa! Yeah, you did good.

- Thank you.

- Was there anybody else?

- No, it's just us two and the dog. No one else.

- OK, I need to check in on your neighbors.

- Everyone, we know, I've had [INAUDIBLE] a little bit. No one's here.

- OK.

- You need to spread.

- OK, have you walked up and down at all?

- I haven't done it, no.

- Hello, what's your name?

- Jamie Lou.

- Jamie Lou? OK.

- It's a little bit wet. These are for your ears. It's really loud. So I'm gonna send her Uncle Moe in a basket, and I'll send you up with the dog. Make sure you hold the dog all the way up, OK?

- I can do that.

- Even when you get all the way up, they're going to pull you in. Keep holding the dog. We just don't want him to jump out.

- Better now.

- Better now. Hey, friggin awesome.

- Thank you.

- We were flying out. We heard about you like 20 minutes ago.

- OK, I appreciate that.


- OK, you're going to get a little bit wet, all right?

- She's ready.

- [INAUDIBLE]. Here. Here, do like this. You're gonna be OK, I promise you. My name's Tyler, by the way.

- What?

- My name's Tyler. Is that your grandson?

- Yeah.

- You did good. He's smart. The reflector.


All right, you ready to go for a ride? OK.


What's your name?

- Colin.

- Tyler, nice to meet you.



- Here, let me take your bag.