Two People, Dogs Rescued From House Fire in Simsbury, Connecticut

Firefighters rescued two people and their dogs from a Connecticut house fire earlier this summer, footage released on September 15 by the Simsbury Police Department shows.

The fire, which took place on July 6, trapped two people upstairs in their home. Emergency crews are seen in the footage breaking down the door of the house, hosing down the blaze, and assisting the victims to safety.

The footage also shows the victims’ dogs, Lily and Sam, receiving treats from an officer.

Local media reported that both people were transported to a hospital following the incident but neither sustained injuries. Credit: Simsbury Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

911 OPERATOR: Simsbury 911. What is the address of your emergency?

WOMAN: 270 Bushy Hill Road. I think our house is on fire.

911 OPERATOR: OK. Why do you think that, ma'am?

WOMAN: We're upstairs, but there's a lot smoke everywhere, heat. We opened the door for downstairs, and we can kind of even choke on it. It's just-- I don't know what's causing it.

911 OPERATOR: OK. So everybody needs to evacuate the house. Is everybody out of the house?

WOMAN: No. We literally just woke up to this.

911 OPERATOR: OK. I want you guys to evacuate the house, and I'm going to dispatch a whole bunch of people there. So stay on the line. OK? District 4 and Simsbury Fire HOT Response, 270 Bushy Hill Road. I have a report of hot, hot air in the house, very smoke-filled. They feel there is a fire at the house.

MAN 1: Yup, smoke coming pretty good from the house. Try to drive the car up to the rear. Yup, kitchen's fully engulfed.

WOMAN: We're starting to have some trouble breathing up here. Really, really bad, the smoke and everything.

911 OPERATOR: OK. Are you able to open a window for yourself? Or are you able to get out? Parties are not able to get downstairs. Smoke is too strong, and there's zero visibility.

MAN 1: You got a ladder?

WOMAN: We're on the second floor.

911 OPERATOR: OK. Do you have animals in the house?

WOMAN: Yeah, our two dogs are here.


911 OPERATOR: OK, ma'am. Are you OK? Can you see my officer? I want you to open the window, and get your head out that window, and start yelling for him, please.

MAN 1: Hello, can you hear us? Come on out.


Hey. You want to get that tanker? Pull it up. It's in the rear. That's where the fire is. Go, go, go, go. Rear, rear of the house. You good, Bob?

MAN 2: Yeah.

MAN 1: All right. I think we're good with a hose. Are they all-- is that hose off the truck? All right, fire it up.



Hit it, baby. I got you. Go. Atta boy.


MAN 1: Go ahead. Hit it. Good job, guys. Good job. Good job, boys. Here we go.

MAN 3: Come on. How many people are in there?

911 OPERATOR: Only two people, correct?

MAN 3: Where'd the ladder go?

WOMAN: Two people, two dogs.

MAN 1: Give me your hand. I got you. Give me your hand.

MAN 4: Roll that back. Get that [INAUDIBLE] out.

MAN 1: Give me your hand. Swing around. I got you. Come on.

MAN 4: How many people?

MAN 2: Two.

MAN 1: All right, come on. All right, keep walking. All right, come on.


MAN 3: I'm with you. Don't worry. We're not going.

MAN 4: Walk down, guys. [INAUDIBLE]

MAN 1: Bob's on the back. I don't know what his radio is doing. Go get him. Four steps, Michelle. Four steps.

MAN 5: You got it, Michelle.

MAN 6: I got you, Michelle. I got you.

MAN 3: You're doing good. You're doing good.

MAN 6: And we got [INAUDIBLE] right next to you. I got Mr. Arnold behind us. We're in good shape.

MAN 3: Doing good. There you go.

MAN 7: There we go.

MAN 6: I got you, Michelle.