Protesters arrested after bursting onto The Mall trying to block Trooping the Colour

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Protesters arrested after bursting onto The Mall trying to block Trooping the Colour

A number of protesters have been arrested by police after they broke through security gates and onto The Mall as Trooping the Colour was getting under way on Thursday.

As many as four intruders were seen sprinting onto The Mall as members of the Horse Guards regiment marched towards Horse Guards Parade for the ceremony.

The Met later added that the arrests were “public order related for highway obstruction” and thanked the crowd who clapped the officers as they returned to their posts.

According to reports on the ground, members of the public booed as they were dragged away by police officers.

Activist group Animal Rebellion has claimed responsibility for the incident. The group said it plans to take action against the dairy industry this summer.

 (Sky News)
(Sky News)

A statement read: “Animal Rebels disrupt the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations demanding that Royal Land is Reclaimed. This summer, we’re taking bigger action against the Dairy industry than ever before, and we need you!”

Speaking to the Standard, Annika Kuusisto, from Finland but lives in England, said: “Earlier we saw the protestors. We don’t actually know what they were protesting but we just saw the aftermath of the police catching them as soon as they got over the fence.


“I’m not sure why they did it but it’s amazing that the police the caught them so quickly. I thought why would somebody do something like that.

“It’s just amazing to see how quickly the polce reacted.”

Matt Walsh, 42 from Romford, said it was disappointing to see the protest at such a special occasion.

He told the Standard: “There was three police officers carrying a male, probably in his 40s that was wearing like a gold inflatable crown. He was being marched off, shortly followed by another male.

"They then picked him up and marched him off as well. And that was all we saw, to be honest, they were quickly taken away and then that's the last we heard of everything.

"It's disappointing to be honest but you're always going to get it in a large gathering, unfortunately you're going to get someone that wants to try and ruin somebody's day. But there's a brilliant security and police presence and the guardsmen so no one's going to ruin our day, certainly."

Prior to the incident, the Met advised members of the public to avoid viewing areas in central London as many are now full.

The force said: “The viewing areas in central London for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations are now full.

“To avoid the disappointment of not being able to enter the viewing areas please avoid the area.”

 (Sky News)
(Sky News)

Trooping the Colour is the first major event of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and saw the Prince of Wales deputise for his 96-year-old mother.

Later on Thursday, 3,000 beacons will be lit acros the UK and the Commonwealth in tribute to the Queen.

Well wishes have also been sent to Her Majesty, including from French president, Emmanuel Macron, who said: “From the dark days when your family welcomed General de Gaulle in your home, to his joy to welcome you in his, you have been a constant presence and a source of wisdom for the leaders of our two countries.

"This year, the 70th of your reign, we celebrate your achievements. We are grateful for your courage and we share the respect and love that British people and Commonwealth have always shown you."

"You are our friend, such a close ally, our example of service to others.

"Celebrating you today is to celebrate the sincere and deep friendship that unites our two countries, and your devotion to it. Your Majesty, it is my privilege to extend to you, on behalf of the French people, my heartfelt congratulations on your Platinum Jubilee."

Platinum Jubilee 2022: Trooping The Colour

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