Two thirds of Brit workers have a 'work wife' - and one in six will buy them a Valentine’s Day gift

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Most Brits have a ‘work wife’, according to a new survey (Rex/posed by models)

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, men and women across the country will be buying gifts and cards for the special person in their life.

However, some people will be buying gifts for two different people as it turns out that two thirds of Brits have what they describe as a ‘work wife’ – someone of either gender who they share a platonic yet highly supportive friendship with.

Shockingly, one in six UK workers plan on treating their office other half on 14 February as well as their own spouses.

One in six Brit workers intend on buying their work BFFs a Valentine’s gift as well as their partners this year (Rex)

The survey of 2,000 workers, carried out by Subway, also found that Brits typically enjoy weekly ‘dates’ with their favourite colleague, with 65% having lunch together and 46% enjoying an after work drink.

That figure is slightly HIGHER than those who go on an actual date with their spouse or partner one or more times a week (45%).

Office BFFs are most likely to share cake or biscuits on Valentine’s Day (43%), but 21% plan to have lunch together and 18% plan to send the other person a card.


And when it comes to falling out, 55% of respondents admitted that they are less likely to argue with their ‘work wife’ than their real-life spouse or partner.

Over a third of workers (36%) reveal they have never fallen out with their ‘work wife’ compared with just 10% who have never argued with their real life spouse or partner.