Two tonnes of rubbish dumped on Kirklees road

Cliffe Hollins Lane this morning (June 20)
-Credit: (Image: Kirklees Council)

An East Bierley Road has been used as a fly-tipping dumping ground, and Kirklees Council wants to prosecute.

Piles of rubbish were abandoned on Cliffe Hollins Lane forcing the council to temporarily close the road yesterday (June 20). A bathtub and rolls of carpet are among the items found on the road which links East Bierley and Oakenshaw.

Kirklees Council cleared two tonnes of waste from the site and will be looking for evidence to try and prosecute whoever is responsible. On social media, the local authority has also warned residents not to be caught out by “rogue” waste handlers.

A bathtub was among the items dumped on the East Bierley road
A bathtub was among the items dumped on the East Bierley road -Credit:Kirklees Council

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David Shepherd, Strategic Director for Growth & Regeneration at Kirklees Council, said: “Kirklees Council were made aware of the fly-tip on Cliffe Hollins Lane, East Bierley, by colleagues at West Yorkshire Police on 20 June, shortly after midnight. The road was closed by the standby operative until daylight hours when the area could be cleaned safely.

“By 9:30am, the two tonnes of waste had been removed, and the road was re-opened. The waste will now be examined for evidence by our team.

Some more of the abandoned rubbish
Some more of the abandoned rubbish -Credit:Kirklees Council

“We have a zero-tolerance approach to fly-tipping in Kirklees, and where possible, our team seek to prosecute those responsible. We would encourage anyone who spots fly-tipping taking place or has any information to aid an investigation, to report it on our website .”

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