Two years after Brexit 'got done', poll shows many Britons want new referendum


According to a poll carried out by the Savanta data research group, more people in the UK believe Brexit has damaged the country's economy and influence on the world stage with indicators pointing towards a growing appetite for a second referendum on EU membership.

According to the Savanta survey published in the UK's Independent newspaper on Sunday, a majority of those polled believe that leaving the European Union has badly damaged key elements of the British economy and reduced the UK's ability to control its own borders.

On 1 January 2021, the UK officially left the European Union for good after months of protracted negotiations.

The split with Brussels followed the British referendum of 23 June 2016 in which almost 52 percent of Britons expressed their wish to leave the European bloc.

Now, two years after Brexit, almost two thirds of Britons questioned said they support new referendum on EU membership – 65 percent calling for a new vote, compared to 55 percent just a year ago.

Meanwhile, 22 percent want a return to the polls within five years, 24 percent within six to ten years and only 4 percent in more than twenty years.

Conversely, only 24 percent of those surveyed – compared to 34 percent a year ago – believe that there should be no new referendum.

Political and economic decline

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