Isle Of Wight: Search For Two Boys Stood Down

A search by police and the Coastguard for two boys who apparently went missing on a popular tourist beach on the Isle of Wight has ended.

The Coastguard said they searched the sea and shore and did not think there were two children in danger.

The whereabouts of the youngsters was unknown.

Two boys, aged six and eight, were reported missing after they were apparently last seen on the seafront at Ryde this lunchtime.

A Hampshire police spokesman had said the force was alerted at 1.21pm by Solent Coastguard and said the boys had reportedly been last seen near local landmark Appley Tower.

He added the force had been helping the Coastguard with searches.

The Marine and Coastguard Agency spokeswoman had said: "They were last seen near to Appley Town on Ryde beach at about 12pm and they were reported missing by their parents a short while later.

"We have a Coastguard rescue team, helicopter and lifeboat involved in the search. If anyone sees them, please call and notify the police."

Later, the Coastguard tweeted: "We've searched the sea and shore and we now don't think there are 2 kids in danger. Search stood down. Thanks to everyone for their help."