Tyga headlines Algarve beach club opening: Could Portugal be the new Ibiza?

In gossip land, Tyga is probably best known for dating Kylie Jenner. And wearing glorious amounts of very naff bling.

However he’s a pretty respected rapper in his own right and has worked with the likes of Drake, Kanye West, ‘Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

Aw. Tyga and Kylie at New York Fashion WEEK 2016

Commanding enormous fees and playing the likes of Coachella and Las Vegas, Tyga’s latest show was a little more off radar though – the launch of Blanco Beach Club in Portugal’s Algarve.

You may not have heard of it – yet – but it’s shaping up to be one of the hottest European beach clubs around and about to give Ibiza’s Ocean Beach and Destino Pacha some serious competition.

It opened on July 13 with about a thousand party-goers and Tyga fans flying out for the grand launch. Obviously the California-born rapper, 27, was surrounded by hundreds of bottles of gold-flecked champagne and invited hot girls from the audience to twerk for him on stage – check out our video below. And it was rumoured he was paid a cool 40k for his troubles.

But his performance was solid and he cracked out hits such as Rack City, Doped Up and Gucci Snakes.

Afterwards Yahoo Celebrity met him backstage and while he was perfectly pleasant we couldn’t prise a word about Kylie, Blac Chyna or Rob Kardashian out of him.

…and relax!

Meanwhile the Algarve is a perfect alternative to Ibiza. It’s cheaper to get to, Faro has more convenient flight times and it’s not nearly as manic and has less randy, drunk, gurning teenagers. Hurrah!

And Blano Beach Club will bring the glamour.

Blanco Beach Club

It’s based in Praia da Rocha, and as well as Tyga, the opening weekend boasted Scottie B and Roger Sanchez with owner Maximilian White promising loads more A-list acts to come, as well scores of celebrity guests.

‘Stay tuned,’ he winked.

There’s as much Ciroc vodka, Dom Perignon and cocktails to satisfy even the most dedicated power drinker and delicious sushi, pizzas and burgers to soak it all up.

There’s private jacuzzis, big white beds for lounging (and bouncing) on and a spacious dance floor as well as lots of pretty people to look at.

Blanco Beach opens at 11am till late but the pretty town of Praia da Rocha is worth an explore with plenty of local bars and restaurants if you fancy a little break from all the fabulousness – not that you will!

Party time at Blanco Beach Club

There’s loads of nearby hotels to choose from on the seafront, from the mid range Jupiter hotel to the more spacious apartment style vibe of Villas d’Agua about 30 minutes away.

Check out Monarch airlines for flights to Faro daily – get booking before everyone else does!