Tyga Urges People ‘Don’t Shoot’ Amid Dallas Rally Where Five Police Officers Were Shot Dead

Tyga has urged people “don’t shoot” amid the Dallas protests which later resulted in the death of five police officers.


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The 26-year-old rapper from Compton, CA, took to Twitter shortly after gunfire broke out at the rally against police brutality at around 20:45 local time on Thursday and posted a picture holding his hands up to the camera with the poignant words written across both palms.

He also shared a series of tweets in reaction to the shocking deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile earlier this week at the hands of police officers in the U.S and what would happen if presidential hopeful Donald Trump made it into power.

He said: “I’m no politician but I know right from wrong. What is it going to take for innocent black people to stop being murdered by the police. We think this is bad if we don’t get out and vote and Donald Trump gets in office we’re really f—ed!! Black lives matter!! All lives matter!!”


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Tyga predicted that citizens would retaliate if justice was not served for the killings.

He added: “They don’t give a f–k if you innocent they’ll kill you and say you was guilty. There’s no justice being served. How would I look to raise my son in this world and teach him to honour a badge when we’re being taught to say f–k the police at a young age? All we see if people that sworn to protect and serve dishonour that and murder black men, sooner or later we’re gonna start taking s–t into our own hands!!”

At the time of posting, Tyga would not have known that five police officers were subsequently shot and killed in the Dallas attack, which marks the deadliest toll on US law enforcement officers since the 9/11 attacks in 2001.