Tyger Drew-Honey wants to do another series of Outnumbered

Tyger Drew-Honey wants to do a new series of Outnumbered credit:Bang Showbiz
Tyger Drew-Honey wants to do a new series of Outnumbered credit:Bang Showbiz

Tyger Drew-Honey is "keen" to do another series of 'Outnumbered.'

The 26-year-old actor appeared as Jake Brockman in the semi-improvised BBC sitcom - which followed the everyday life of a North London family - over the course of five series between 2007 and 2014 but while he would be up for a reboot, he remains unsure that it will ever happen.

He said: "I can’t say there are any official plans. I don’t believe there are, but if the email came along and everyone was keen to do it, I’d be keen to do it. Whether it would be, just continuing something for the sake of it or whether 'Outnumbered' has found it’s a good place to stop. I don’t know, that’s not my call. I would be keen, but I don’t think it will be [returning]."

The former 'Cuckoo' actor starred alongside Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner on the show - who played parents Sue and Pete Brockman - while Ramona Marquez, 21, played his younger sister Karen and Daniel Roche, 22, took on the role of his younger brother Ben.

However, Tyger admitted that while they no longer "live in each other's pockets", the trio of former child actors have developed a "unique bond" since their time growing up together on the show.

He told Metro.co.uk: "We definitely don’t live in each other’s pockets. We’ve all got our own lives, but we do have this incredible, unique bond. We went through this very unique experience together. Lots of kids get into telly, but we were the three 'Outnumbered' kids, so we went on this very specific journey together and will always have a bond.We catch up once or twice a year without fail.

"Whenever there’s anything kind of going on, in any of our lives – like for instance, a couple of times I’ve been in the theatre – then they come to see it and we go out for a big dinner, or most summers we try and go to one of our houses and have a big barbecue or just catch up."