Typhoon Higos batters homes in Hong Kong while moving towards China

Typhoon Higos moved towards China today after slamming into neighbouring Hong Kong and Macau in the early hours of the morning (Aug 19). Footage shows strong winds whipping hanging laundry from side-to-side in central Hong Kong while in Macaua residents felt rain battering their windows. Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (GCS) put the tropical cyclone warning at No. 9 signal at 2.30 AM on Thursday early morning. Residents were told to lock their windows and doors and strengthen the glass on the exposed side. Schools are suspended along with Three bridges connecting Taipa island and Macao are shut. Winds in the city later weakened with the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau lowering the typhoon warning to No. 3 by 11:30am local time. The typhoon is expected to cause heavy rains over the next few days in Thailand with the north, northeast and eastern parts of the country expected to be hit. The Hong Kong Observatory said winds with mean speeds of 39 mph are expected, with public transport closed and a number of businesses.