Tyre Nichols: A timeline of fatal beating of man by Memphis police officers

Bodycam footage of the deadly arrest of Tyre Nichols was finally made public by the city of Memphis on Friday evening, one day after five police officers in the city were charged with his murder.

The video shows a violent confrontation between officers and 29-year-old Nichols, during which officers can be seen punching him and using batons and taser weapons to subdue him as he cried out for his mother.

The officers were then seen standing around after the attack and failing to provide any medical care as they laughed and joked about their roles in the shocking arrest.

Here is an approximate timeline of the arrest based on bodycam video footage and a stationary police camera that captured it.


Video from a body cam worn by an officer shows the first contact with Nichols on 7 January. The 29-year-old is pulled over and forced out of the vehicle during a traffic stop and forced to the floor.

One of them is heard to say: “B**ch put your hands behind your back before I break them.” An officer then threatens Nichols that “I’m going to knock your ass the f**k out.”

Nichols responds: “You guys are really doing a lot right now. I’m just trying to go home.”


Nichols is sprayed in the face with pepper spray by an officer but manages to get to his feet and flee the scene. One officer deploys his Taser weapon unsuccessfully. Other officers go after Nichols and seven minutes later announce over the radio that he has been caught. “I hope they stomp his ass,” one officer can be heard saying.


Body cam video shows that when they caught Nichols several officers were on top of him. Nichols tried to speak to them but was told to “shut the f*** up” As the officers continued to beat him and spray him with pepper spray, Nichols can be heard shouting “mom.”


Body cam video shows one officer telling the other officers to “watch out” as he pulls out a baton and tells Nichols “I’m going to baton the f*** out of you. Give me your f***ing hands.” A police video camera that is positioned on a light pole opposite the scene shows the officer hitting Nichols several times with the baton. Footage from the camera shows Nichols beaten multiple times.


More officers arrive at the scene and kick Nichols. The officers then move away from Nichols who continues to lie on the ground with his hands behind his back.


Nichols is dragged across the ground by officers and propped up against a police car. The officers then stand around recalling the incident and bragging about their roles in it with two officers seen fist-bumping each other.


Two first responders arrive with medical equipment arrive at the scene. One person can be heard saying on the body cam video that “It’s going to be a while for an ambulance” to come.


Video footage from the light pole camera shows that it takes 21 minutes before an ambulance is finally seen arriving at the scene. That is approximately 30 minutes after Nichols was caught and beaten by officers after he fled.