U.S. crude-by-rail projects; Alon's California project delayed

(Updates Alon USA Energy, Royal Dutch Shell projects) HOUSTON, Feb 24 (Reuters) - U.S. oil producers, refiners and logistics companies are deep into the crude-by-rail movement with dozens of projects throughout the United States and crude movements via rail that topped 1 million barrels per day in the third quarter of 2014. Rapid proliferation of oil-by-train shipments started more than four years ago to get oil to markets as pipeline infrastructure lagged booming U.S. and Canadian crude production. The Association of American Railroads said more than 1 million barrels per day originated on top U.S. railroads in the third quarter of 2014, an increase of more than 9 percent over the 938,666 bpd moved in the second quarter and a 28 percent increase over 797,434 bpd in 2013. The 132,257 carloads in the third quarter was a record high as well, surpassing 119,634 in the second quarter. Oil moved via rail in the third quarter 2014 was 11.4 percent of average U.S. November production of 9 million bpd. East and West coasts, in particular, have turned to rail to tap cheaper U.S. and Canadian heavy crude with no major oil pipelines in operation to move inland crude to those markets. Alon USA Energy has delayed its 140,000 bpd rail project at its California refinery to 2016 from late 2015, according to an investor presentation posted on the company's website on Tuesday. Alon didn't explain the new target date for the project at its shut 70,000 bpd Bakersfield refinery, but startup was still identified as late 2015 in a separate presentation posted last month. Environmental groups are suing to block Alon's project, as well as Plains All American LP's 70,000 bpd operation also in Bakersfield that started up in October. Alon won approval from Kern County planners in September after nearly two years of scrutiny that included a lengthy environmental review. U.S. Gulf Coast refineries built to run heavy oil also are increasingly using rail to tap Canadian crudes as pipeline companies face project delays because of permitting and environmental opposition. Rail has evolved past a stopgap measure into an integral crude sourcing mode for refiners, adding flexibility to choose the best-priced crude from various shale and tight oil plays. Contracts are shorter, and they are not locked into specific types of crude moved from fixed points via pipeline. Here is a rundown of more than 100 U.S. rail projects - both loading at production sites and unloading at refineries and terminals - that have emerged as U.S. shale and Canadian production has grown: WEST COAST Company Name Type Location State Capacity Crude Status (bpd) Tesoro Corp Ref Anacortes WA 50,000 Bakken Operational (refinery 120,000 bpd) U.S. Oil and Ref Tacoma WA 40,000 Bakken Operational Refining; TrailStone Tesoro Corp Port Port of WA 360,000 Bakken, Approved by port, and Savage Vancouver Canadian and awaiting OK from Services inland U.S. state governor following state environmental review; had expected to be operational by end 2015, but review process could push that to 2016 if governor signs off Phillips 66 Ref Ferndale WA 30,000 bpd Bakken and Operational capacity Canadian total; currently receiving 20,000 of N.American crude via mixed-freigh t shipments (refinery 100,000 bpd) BP Plc Ref Cherry Point WA 70,000 Bakken Operational (refinery 225,000 bpd) Royal Dutch Ref Anacortes WA N/A (Puget Bakken, Awaiting permits; Shell Sound Canadian on Feb. 24, 2015, refinery a Skagit County 145,000 bpd) hearing examiner ordered a lengthy environmental review, which can take a year or more Alon Energy Ref Bakersfield CA 13,000 each Bakken, Permit approved USA at Texas Sept. 9 2014 to Bakersfield Permian expand Bakersfield oil refinery Basin, offloading to and Canadian 150,000 bpd; in Paramount February 2015 Alon and Long said startup was Beach slated for 2016, asphalt delayed form late refineries 2015; refinery (combined restart in 2016 if refineries' economically capacity feasible to 70,000 bpd) upgrade to run more light crude; Permitted to offload up to 13,000 bpd each at Long Beach and Paramount, currently offloading 5,000 bpd at Long Beach; opponents suing Kern County officials to rescind permit Plains All Term Bakersfield CA Phase I Bakken, Phase I November American 65,000 to Niobrara, 2014, Phase II 70,000; Eagle Ford awaiting permits Phase II can to test an double inactive pipeline volumes to to increase up to capacity; 140,000; environmental pipelines groups in January can then 2015 sued to shut move crude down the project to and force an refineries environmental in Los review Angeles and San Francisco areas Valero Energy Ref Benicia CA 30,000 to Inland U.S. Seeking permits; Corp 50,000 bpd and Canadian delayed until (132,000 bpd early 2016 from refinery) 1Q 2015 to accommodate lengthy environmental review; had already been delayed from 4Q 2013 Targa Term Stockton CA 70,000 Inland U.S. Seeking permits; Resources and Canadian no disclosed Partners target startup and date TRC Companies Grays Harbor Port Aberdeen(Gra WA Up to 50,000 Bakken, Seeking permits Rail Terminal ys Harbor) with a Canadian (U.S. 120-car Development unit-train Group) delivery every two days Westway Port Aberdeen(Gra WA About 26,300 Bakken, Seeking permits Terminals LLC ys Harbor) bpd with Canadian unit train delivery every three days (expands from 18 loading/unlo ading spots to 80) Tesoro Ref Martinez CA 5,000-10,000 Bakken Operational ; can expand to 50,000; receives crude from Kinder Morgan Richmond operation (refinery 166,000 bpd) Phillips 66 Ref Arroyo CA Extend rail Canadian Seeking permits; Grande infrastructu public hearing re at Arroyo postponed to Grande to February 2015 at take up to the earliest from 40,800 or April 2014 to five 80-car examine public trains per comment on revised week environmental (Refinery review 120,200 bpd) Questar Corp Load Essex CA Considering Permian Pipeline segment rail loading must be converted facility at to crude from Essex to natural gas for move crude rail project to go via rail to forward; if 96-mile approved, pipeline in converted pipeline Whitewater, to start up in CA, 2017 connected to West Hynes crude-oil distribution system in Long Beach, CA. WesPac Term Pittsburg CA Design for Canadian, Seeking permits, Energy-Pittsb five trains Bakken, city planners urg LLC per week, Permian reviewing public (WesPac about 51,000 comments on Energy and revised Oiltanking environmental Holding review Americas Inc) Kinder Morgan Term Richmond CA 72,000; Bakken, Operational; Inc Converted to Canadian opponents' lawsuit crude from to halt ethanol in operations and September require state 2013; can environmental receive review dismissed 125-car unit Sept 5, 2014 trains, 100-car trains ideal Global Term Clatskanie OR Up to 3,261; Bakken Operational; on Partners LP expanding to Aug. 19 2014 handle up to received state 120,000 emissions permit allowing expansion; startup expected late 2015-early 2016 Interstate Load Sacramento CA 5,400, rail U.S. inland Ceased crude oil Oil Co to truck crude operations in November 2014, resumed ethanol-only unloading; company surrendered permit approving crude unloading after environmental groups sued to stop the operation Carson Oil Load Sacramento CA 7,800, rail U.S. inland Received authority Inc to truck, crude to construct crude crude and loading ethanol infrastructure, seeking customer contract before starting construction NuStar Energy Load Vancouver WA 22,000 on U.S. inland Received permit to LP average crude convert two products storage tanks at current terminal to crude; seeking permits to build rail-to-barge to start up in 2015 EAST COAST Company Name Type City State Capacity Crude Status (bpd) Phillips 66, Ref Linden NJ 80,000-90,00 Bakken Operational Global 0 at times Partners 70,000 (Railed to Albany, NY, then barged to 238,000 bpd Bayway refinery in Linden, New Jersey) Plains All Term Yorktown VA 140,000 Bakken, Operational American Niobrara, Eagle Ford PBF Energy Ref Delaware DE Up to Bakken and Operational City 130,000 Canadian; up Bakken, to 45,000 80,000 Bakken Canadian barged to (refinery 160,000 bpd 182,200 bpd) Paulsboro, NJ Philadelphia Ref Philadelphia PA 160,000; Bakken Operational Energy plus another Solutions 30,000 via rail and barge combination (refinery 330,000 bpd) Buckeye Term Albany NY 130,000 Bakken Operational Partners LP (rail to barge, onward to 300,000 bpd Irving Oil refiner in St. John, New Brunswick) Sunoco Term Eagle Point NJ 40,000 (rail Bakken Operational Logistics to barge) Partners LP Enbridge Inc Term Eddystone PA 80,000; can Bakken Operational expand to 160,000 (rail to barge) Buckeye Term Perth Amboy NJ 40,000 Bakken Operational; in Partners LP talks to position facility to handle Canadian heavy crude, possibly for export; exploring options to handle natural gas liquids as well Phillips 66 Ref Linden NJ 70,000 bpd Bakken Operational Global Term New Windsor NY 88,000; had Bakken Withdrew permit Partners proposed application in adding rail October 2014 infrastructu without re to load explanation railed-in crude onto tankers and barges to move to East Coast refineries Global Term Albany NY 160,000 bpd Bakken Operational Partners (includes long-term deal with Phillips 66 Targa Term Baltimore MD 25,000 N/A Permit has Resources preliminary approval from Maryland regulators; final approval pending Monroe Ref Trainer PA 65,000, Bakken Monroe announced Energy/Bridge unloaded at in July 2014 it r LLC Enbridge's had entered a Eddystone 5-year deal with facility, Bridger to supply then barged Bakken to the to the refinery refinery GULF COAST Company Name Type City State Capacity (bpd) Crude Status Kinder Term Houston TX 210,000, Cushing Operational Morgan, Watco expandable to Oklahoma, Cos LLC; 250,000 bpd; West Texas, long-term crude in by Bakken, trade rail, out by Canadian agreement barge and with Mercuria pipeline; condensate in by barge, out by rail Plains All Term St. James LA 140,000 Niobrara Operational; American adding capability to receive Canadian heavy crude by 3Q 2015 to coincide with the company's new rail loading operation to start up at the same time in Kerrobert, Canada Plains All Load Gardendale TX 25,000 Eagle Ford Operational American Hub near Cotulla Genesis Load Wink TX 100,000 Permian Operational Energy LP Basin Cetane Energy Load Carlsbad NM 21,000; two Permian Operational; will LLC and Murex unit trains per Basin expand to up to LLC week 51,000 bpd or five unit trains per week by July 2015 RIO Hub, Load Loving NM 10,000; Permian 10,000 bpd by Rangeland expandable to Basin October 2014; Energy more than expansion as per 100,000 customer demand Genesis Term Walnut Hill FL 75,000 Bakken, Operational Energy (near West Texas Mobile Bay AL) Valero Ref St. James LA In 2013 was Bakken Operational 100,000 via Capline to 180,000 bpd Memphis, Tennessee, refinery; amount has declined by undisclosed amount Sunoco Term Nederland TX 21,500 Bakken Operational Logistics Alon Energy Ref Krotz LA 6,000 (refinery Inland U.S, Operational Springs 80,000 bpd) type depends on price Genesis Term Natchez MS 85,000 Canadian Operational Energy NuStar Energy Term St. James LA In talks with Canadian No announced producers to plans yet expand NuStar Term St. James LA 70,000 at each Bakken Both operational Energy, EOG facility Resources Inc Canadian Term Port of AL 75,000, up to Canadian Operational National Mobile 120 tank cars Railway per day and (offload crude, Arc Terminals backhaul condensate) Petroplex Term St. James LA 70,000 Bakken, 1Q 2015 International Parish (engineering Canadian LLC, head of and design for a consortium bulk liquids backed by terminal Macquarie including unit Group train) and others Valero Ref Port Arthur TX 70,000 bpd Canadian Operational and other North American crudes Valero Ref St. Charles LA 20,000 via Canadian, Operational; rail, 35,000 with room seeking permit to bpd via barge to take increase rail from Hartford, some inland offloading IL terminal U.S. capacity to (refinery light-sweet 30,000 205,000 bpd) Genesis Term Maryland LA 75,000 (near Bakken, Operational Energy Exxon Mobil Eagle Ford, (Scenic Corp's Canadian Station) 502,500 bpd refinery in Baton Rouge) GT Logistics Term Port Arthur TX 158,000 (rail Bakken, Operational Omniport to barge) Canadian Terminal Jefferson Term Port of TX 70,000 (rail to Eagle Ford, Operational; Energy Beaumont barge) Bakken, ramping up to Transload (Orange Canadian 220,000 bpd; Railport County started up Terminal) heating facilities for railbit crude in January 2015 Global Term Port Arthur TX 140,000 Canadian Awaiting permits Partners and to begin Kansas City construction; Southern waterborne terminal to have initial storage capacity of 340,000 barrels Kinder Morgan Term Battlegroun TX 6,000 bpd N/A Operational and d Oil initially TransMontaign Specialty (unloading for e Partners LP Terminal 12 cars, Company LLC expandable to (BOSTCO) 30 cars) EOG Resources Load Harwood, TX Average 10,900 Eagle Ford, Operational Barnhart from 89 Permian and Fort shipments of Worth about 45,000 barrels per train in 2013 from all three facilities Navigator Load Big Spring TX 60,000 bpd Permian Targeted for Energy Basin fourth quarter Services 2014 Genesis Load Raceland LA 140,000 bpd Eagle Ford, End 2014; rampup Energy Bakken, through 2H 2015 Canadian, Permian Basin, Niobrara Gulf Gateway Term New Orleans LA 75,000, rail to Canadian, Operational; Terminal barge Eagle Ford expansion planned (Murex LLC for more Canadian and Bulk heavy oil Resources) offloading LBC Tank Term Geismar LA 10,000 Canadian Expanding Terminals Industrial capacity to Complex, offload undiluted Sunshine bitumen Texas Term Galveston TX 90,000, rail to Bakken, Operational International barge Canadian Terminals Atlas Oil Co Load La Feria TX 5,000 Eagle Ford Operational Buckeye Texas Term, Corpus TX At least 70,000 Inland Under Partners load Christi U.S., consideration; (Buckeye Canadian may build unit Partners and train loading and Tragifura) offloading capability near terminal, could receive heavy Canadian and send naphtha as diluent back to Canada NGL Energy Load Milan, near NM Initially two San Juan 3Q 2015; will Partners Albuquerque unit trans per Basin include 240,000 week, about barrels of 20,400 storage MIDCONTINENT Company Name Type City State Capacity (bpd) Crude Status Enbridge Load Berthold ND 120,000 Bakken Operational Plains All Load Manitou ND 65,000 at Bakken Operational American and Van Manitou; 65,000 Hook at Van Hook Musket Corp Load Dore ND 60,000 Bakken Operational EOG Resources Load Stanley ND 65,000 Bakken Operational (Watco) Hess Corp Load Tioga ND More than Bakken Operational (Watco) 60,000 COLT hub, Load Epping ND 160,000 Bakken Operational Crestwood Midstream Partners Dakota Plains Load New Town ND 80,000 Bakken Operational Holdings Lario Load Near ND 100,000 Bakken Operational Logistics, Dickinson expandable to Bakken Oil 200,000 Express Savage Load Trenton ND 175,000 Bakken Operational Services Great Load Fryburg ND 70,000 Bakken Operational Northern Midstream LLC Global Basin Load Columbus ND 160,000 Bakken Operational LP, Basin and Beulah Transload LLC Northstar Load McKenzie ND 100,000 Bakken Crude loading to Transloading County start up in 1H 2015; inbound loading for frac sand, construction materials operational December 2014 Delek U.S. Ref El Dorado AR 25,000 light Inland Operational Holdings U.S. or 12,000 U.S., Canadian. Can Canadian also access 20,000 bpd of light crude offloading at a third-party facility adjacent to the refinery (refinery 80,000 bpd) HollyFrontier Ref Artesia NM 70,000 WTS, WTI, Operational Corp (refinery Canadian 105,000 bpd) Marquis Term Hayti MS 75,000 (rail to Bakken, Operational; to Energy Miss. barge) Canadian increase to 150,000 Indigo Term Osceola AR 140,000 (rail Bakken, Startup in late Resources to Miss. barge) Canadian 2014 SEACOR Term Sauget IL 65,000 (rail to Bakken, Operational Holdings Inc (Gateway Miss. barge) Canadian Terminals) Savage Term Lordstown OH N/A Utica, when Awaiting Services (transloading production takers at Ohio ramps up Commerce Center, expanding for unit trains) Kinder Term Stroud OK 65,000 bpd, Bakken Operational Morgan, Watco offloading EOG Companies output crude to Hawthorn Pipeline Buckeye Load Chicago IL Crude arrives Bakken, Operational Partners via pipeline, Canadian loaded on railcars to go to West, East and Gulf coasts; capacity undisclosed EnLink Load Frazeysburg OH 24,000, light Utica Operational Midstream oil condensate and various (Black Run grades of crude Rail Terminal) Enbridge Term Flanagan IL 140,000 Canadian If approved, as early as 1Q 2016 PBF Energy Ref Toledo OH Approx 70,000 Bakken, Study to build Canadian offloading facility at refinery under way; truck rack can take up to 16,000 bpd, can receive unit trains via third party Dakota Gold Load Stanley ND 70,000 Bakken Construction to Transfer, start by late Plaza 2014, high-speed Terminal rail loading available by 2H 2015 Phillips 66 Load Palermo, ND Initial Bakken, 4Q 2015; direct Partners Mountrail capacity Canadian access to 76-mile and County 100,000, can Sagagawea Paradigm double in size Pipeline and rail Energy to 200,000 access to the Partners LLC East and West coasts Energy Load Patoka IL N/A, but will U.S. Inland Planning loading Transfer handle unit facility to Partners trains enable crude delivery to East Coast refineries Enbridge Term Cushing OK 120,000 Primarily Under Energy Canadian consideration; Partners gauging shipper interest; if enough commitments secured, startup in late 2016 Joliet Bulk Term Joliet IL Up to 210,000; Canadian Will receive Barge & Rail will supply crude via rail LLC Exxon Mobil's from Kinder 238,600 bpd Morgan and Exxon Joliet refinery subsidiary Imperial Oil Ltd joint-venture 210,000 bpd rail loading facility in Edmonton, Alberta; startup slated for March 2015; expandable to 250,000 bpd; Project includes an affiliate's 4-mile, 20-inch 210,000 bpd pipeline connecting the Joliet offloading facility to another pipeline that feeds the refinery ROCKIES Company Name Type City State Capacity (bpd) Crude Status Plains All Load Carr, Tampa CO 15,000 at Carr, Niobrara Both operational; American 35,000 at Carr to expand Tampa; both to by 1H 2015 expand to 68,000 (ships to CA, LA) Musket Corp Load Windsor CO Initially Niobrara Operational 16,000 expandable to more than 30,000 Powder River Load Douglas WY 120,000 Bakken, Operational Basin Niobrara, Industrial Canadian Complex LLC, 50/50 joint venture of Crestwood Midstream Partners and Enersco Midstream LLC, subsidiary of Twin Eagle Resource Management Eighty-Eight Load Guernsey WY 80,000 Bakken, Operational Oil LLC; Niobrara, operated by Canadian, Strobel Big Horn Starostka Basin, Transfer Wyoming Cogent Energy Load Casper WY 80,000 Niobrara, Operational; will Solutions LLC Canadian, take excess crude and Granite western from Spectra Peak Bakken Energy Partners' Development 280,000 bpd LLC Canada-to-Wyoming Express Pipeline in Casper, where it connects to Spectra's 164,000 bpd Wyoming-to Illinois Platte Pipeline Savage Load Price, Salt UT 9,000 at each Uinta Basin Operational Services Lake City terminal United Energy Load 7 sites in More than Bakken, Operational Trading ND, CA, CO, 68,000 Niobrara, WY, TX Eagle Ford, Permian Pronghorn, Load Douglas WY 70,000 Niobrara Operational Genesis Energy Price River Load Wellington UT 15,000, Uinta Operational Terminal; expandable to Global One 40,000, and Transport/Wat shipped first co unit train in February 2014 Meritage Load Wright WY 70,000; to Niobrara Operational; Midstream/Arc expand to loaded first h Coal (Black 120,000 70,000-barrel Thunder unit train in Terminal) June 2014; expansion slated for early 2015 Atlas Oil Co Load Evans CO 5,000 minimum Niobrara Operational; can expand to unit-train capability as production ramps up ARB Midstream Load Weld County CO 79,000; initial Niobrara Manifest 1Q 2015, LLC near Evans truck unloading unit train 35,000 operations in late 3Q 2015 Swan Ranch Load Cheyenne WY 70,000; Niobrara Operational Cheyenne Rail initially one Hub, Cogent unit train Energy every four to Solutions and five days Granite Peak Development Eighty-Eight Load Fort WY 80,000 Niobrara Operational Oil Laramie Sources: Company filings, presentations and announcements; North Dakota Pipeline Authority (Reporting by Kristen Hays in Houston; Editing by Terry Wade and Jim Marshall)