U.S. intel official says Russians, Ukrainians in ‘a bit of a stalemate’ in southern, eastern Ukraine

During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., asked Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, to give an assessment of the fighting in southern and eastern Ukraine. Berrier said, “The Russians aren’t winning, and the Ukrainians aren’t winning, and we’re at a bit of a stalemate here.”

Video transcript

TOM COTTON: General, what's your assessment on the state of the fighting between Russia and Ukraine, in eastern and southern Ukraine today?

SCOTT BERRIER: Senator, I think I would characterize it as the Russians aren't winning, and the Ukrainians aren't winning. And we're at a bit of a stalemate here.

And what has been the most interesting evolution for me, in watching how the Russian forces have misstepped, is really the lack of a non-commissioned officer corps. When I think about small unit tactics and how this has unfolded between Ukraine and Russia, I think the NCO corps is a big piece of this. And I think the Ukrainians have that about right.

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