Uber Eats customer captures doorbell camera footage of her driver’s heartwarming delivery move: ‘This made me cry’

An Uber Eats driver is drawing all kinds of praise after a customer’s doorbell camera captured footage of his above-and-beyond delivery.

The heartwarming video comes courtesy of TikTok user Tracey Ramirez (@traceyhairstyles). In her now-viral clip, Ramirez showed how her Uber Eats driver left her a handwritten note and a “goodie bag” with her order.

On TikTok, doorbell footage is a common source of viral content. Recently, an Amazon customer gained millions of views after capturing video of her Amazon driver accidentally tossing a package onto her roof. Before that, a delivery driver used a customer’s doorbell camera to explain an “unsafe” feature outside their home.

But Ramirez’s clip gained a particularly positive kind of attention. Many called her driver’s actions “amazing” and “kindhearted.”

In the clip, Ramirez's driver places her order over a piece of tissue paper to keep it from getting dirty. Then, he adds a bag full of masks and candies, plus a handwritten copy of the famous religious poem, "Footprints in the Sand."

"My reaction was just [being] shocked," Ramirez told In The Know. "Like, 'How did someone go out of their way to do something like this?' I was freaking out like my heart melted at his actions."

Ramirez captioned her post with the hashtag #HelpMeFindHim. After seeing what the driver had done, she wanted to thank him herself.

Immediately, commenters poured in with support for the driver — and agreed it was worth finding and thanking him.

"This made me cry," one user wrote.

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"The fact that he puts forth extra effort into his job just to make people smile," another added. "LET'S FIND HIM."

"This man needs some recognition!" another wrote.

After four days of sleuthing, Ramirez managed to track him down. In a series of follow-up videos, Ramirez shares snippets of her phone call with the driver, Donald. She thanks him repeatedly and explains that she ultimately took to calling local restaurants to get his info.

Ramirez also started a GoFundMe for Donald, allowing TikTokers to donate to the driver. As of Jan. 10, she's raised over $2,600.

"It’s crazy to see how much money he’s raised," Ramirez said. "I’m just so humbled by the fact that people have trusted me enough and have felt so touched by his act of kindness that they're donating."

Above all, Ramirez said, she's happy to see something so positive bringing others together.

"I’m so happy seeing everyone united [over this]," she said. "It’s how the world should be, and it’s exactly what Donald wants, so it’s beautiful to see that the reason he does all this — to make people smile and unite — is actually happening for him [now]."

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