UFC 142 Rio: More Picks from Fight Chicks Featuring Danielle West

American MMA fighter, Danielle West, now calling London home, gives her fight predictions for UFC 142 Rio, presents an update on her fight life and calls out female MMA fighters who've been avoiding matching up with her.

Calling out fighters

"If I could call out fighters, I would definitely have Yana "Foxy" Kunitskaya at the top of my list. She cancelled two matches on me in 2011, citing injuries on both occasions and then went on to fight within a week of our cancelled fight dates. I feel she may be deliberately avoiding me after I twice beat Maria Hougaard Nielsen who manhandled Yana and beat her easily. I see a lot of hype about Yana, but will continue to remain extremely sceptical until she musters the courage to step in the cage with me.

After a questionable decision (though one I accept, as it is my responsibility to finish a fight or else risk leaving it to the judges), I'm very keen to return to Japan and match Rin Nakai a second time. It was a huge honour to fight a talented and ranked fighter of her caliber and I have a tremendous amount of respect for the amount of heart she showed in the ring. But, I think a draw is a euphemism for unfinished business. If it was, indeed, a fair decision as her fans counter, then she should be just as keen for the opportunity to rectify a glaring blemish on her record. If I do get the opportunity to rematch her, I vow to be a lighter, more focused threat who will not leave it to chance or hometown judge's decision.

Lastly, I want to match Hiroko Yamanaka. There had been talk of us competing on the December Jewels card in Tokyo before she was called up to fight Cyborg in Strikeforce. Whether it's in Japan or on US soil, I would love the opportunity to face her."

UFC 142 Rio Fight Predictions

The big question going into tonight's UFC Rio event is whether Anthony "Rumble" Johnson will make his new weight agreement of 205 lbs. Yesterday, he missed weight, coming in 11 lbs. over the 185 lbs. requirement. Rumble is blaming a medical condition for his troubles.

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson tweeted, "Thanks to all the fans for the love and support. It will be a good fight tomorrow #ufc #ufcrio #anthonyjohnson instagr.am/p/g-wPC/"

Rumble tweeted a link to a post explaining what happened: Medical Reasons Prevent Anthony Johnson From Making Weight

Here are MMA fighter, Danielle West's predictions for UFC 142 Rio:

Aldo vs Mendes

Mendes is unbeaten with strong wrestling, but is not really a finisher. Aldo with the local crowd behind him, will put on a striking clinic and take a unanimous decision.

Belfort vs Johnson

Belfort's had his time in the sun. He is skilled and experienced, but age undeniably impacts performance and his wins in recent years have been against questionable opposition. Johnson to win by KO in the 3rd.

Palhares vs Massenzio

The first time I saw Palhares walk into the octagon, he was wiping tears from his eyes (which melted my heart) before proceeding to continuously suplex Jeremy Horn for 3 rounds (then I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that his tears seemed to be saying "sorry, I'm gonna have to kick your a** so bad, buddy" in retrospect). He is one of my favourites and his BJJ is just on another level to Massenzio's. I predict a knee bar or heel hook submission win in the first.

Silva vs Prater

This could be a really exciting display of skill or a dull match of two similar styles cancelling each other out. Both have a strong grappling game, are BJJ black belts and both are dangerous standing. Prater is vastly more experienced, but I am going for a Silva win by second round TKO.

UFC Rio Picks From Fight Chicks Summary

Elaina "Beefalicious" Maxwell and Alexis Davis gave their fight predictions in Picks from Fight Chicks UFC Rio: Aldo Vs. Mendes.

Aldo (3) - Mendes (0)

Johnson (2) - Belfort (1)

Palhares (2) - Massenzio (1)

Silva (2) - Prater (1)

UFC Rio happens on Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Watch 2 Free Prelims Live on UFC's Facebook page starting at 7:00 pm EST.

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Pay-Per-View begins at 10:00 pm EST

Source: all sources noted including Sherdog.com, UFC.com, Facebook and Twitter

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